You want to have a steady relationship with a woman you love. This means you are ready to get a girlfriend. You can actually meet the girl you want to commit to just about anywhere. Your goal is how to make her want to commit to you to. Here are strategies on how to get a girlfriend and where to find her.

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Know Your Type of Girl

Determine the kind of girl you want to have a relationship with. List down all the traits you want to see in her like her looks, sense of humor, intelligence, wit, ambition or attitude towards other people.

Resolve Old Pains

Before you start looking for a new girl, make sure you have resolved past disappointments and hurts. If you had a girlfriend before, ensure you have settled old grievances with her.

Get her Attention

If you find that girl you like, do your best to get her attention. Once you catch her eye, emphasize your greatest features and do not show traits of yours that are undesirable. Bring out the best in you when she is around.

Admire from a Distance

If you find yourself shy in approaching her, you can act like a secret admirer. Send her roses, love notes or chocolates and sign the card as “anonymous”. You can give a hint in your love notes as to your real identity. This shall pique her interest and you will have her intrigued and thinking about you often.

Be Confident

You have to be naturally confident so as to get a girlfriend. If a woman sees that you have high self-esteem, she will sense there is something in you that is worth appreciating. You are truly confident if you know how to carry yourself and you have good posture. If you act nervous and do not appreciate yourself, this will drive her away. You need to market yourself but not to the extent that you will be considered narcissistic or arrogant.

Don’t Be Desperate

Never act desperate for her attention. Many men, like women, have the tendency to be clingy, needy and desperate. Always think that it is best to be alone than to be with the inappropriate woman. Never show a girl that you are desperate to meet her and have a date with her because this will turn her off. Also remember that it is impossible to be comfortable with all the girls you meet.

Be Humorous

Women love men who can make them laugh. They do not want to be with a man who is a bore and cannot make them laugh at all. Make sure to loosen up and show her that you have a sense of humor. You can tease her lightly and amiably but remember never to offend her or cross the line. One of the things that offend women is when you ask them about their clothes size or age.


Another way on how to get a girlfriend is to socialize. When you go out, you will meet women who are also out there to mingle and gain friends. You can go to coffee shops, concerts or other places where you will be noticed.

Ask Recommendations

Ask your friends and office-mates if they can recommend to you a possible girlfriend based on the kind of personality you have. Through this, you may know who among your acquaintances like you. If you have a crush on someone, inform your mutual friends that you are interested in her so that one of them can discreetly inform her of your interest.

Community Places

If you do not have a certain girl you want to be your girlfriend, you can visit areas in the community where you can find a prospective girlfriend. You may be able to see her in a drug store, grocery, department store, park, church or any other sites frequented by people. It would be easier if you approach a woman whom you always see in a certain place. For instance, she and you may be going to the same dentist. Just make sure that when you approach her in public, you are chivalrous and not creepy.

Go Online

The easiest way to get a girlfriend these days is through online chat rooms. In these places, you will be able to know more about the girl before you actually meet her in person. When you go for online dating, just make sure you do not provide personal details unless you have proven that the woman is harmless.

Visit the Gym

Go to your local gym because you will be able to meet a lot of girls there who want to shape up. You will also be able to lose weight when you frequent the gym and enrol in a weight loss program. Many friendships were formed in gyms and romance bloomed from them. So while you sweat off calories, you can actually meet a woman you would like to be your girlfriend.

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