Dating can be complicated in its own right, but it can get even more complicated when you’re dating women with kids. It is a much more delicate situation. She can’t afford to date just for the sake of it. Her main priority is her children. So anyone who is willing to date a mother has to be understanding of that.

If you’re someone who is open to dating women with kids, take a look at some of our tips below compiled by the theislandnow an expert when it comes to dating:

Tip # 1: Patience is everything

If you’ve never tried dating women with kids, there is a lot that you’re going to need to get used to. For one, not every date is guaranteed. There is always a possibility that she may need to cancel last minute because she wasn’t able to find a babysitter or her five-year-old has a 104-degree fever.

Whatever the case may be if you are in fact dating women with kids, children will always come first. So you’ll have to deal with potentially a lot of canceled dates and perhaps not as much alone time as expected.

Tip # 2: Don’t expect her to rush into anything

Because she has kids, she really has her guard up. She doesn’t want to just bring anyone into her personal life. She wants to be double and triply sure that she can trust you. Any mother would be wary of bringing a lot of strange men into the lives of her children. So she is really going to take her time in getting to know you.

If you’re strictly looking for sex, then the odds are that you won’t get too far. One thing about dating women with kids is that motherhood changes their perception of life. They need to be responsible providers for their children, not canoodling after-hours in your bed.

They spend a good portion of their time wiping runny noses, taking their kids to daycare, cooking, cleaning, and loving their children. In other words, they have people depending on them to make good decisions.

Tip # 3: Be mindful of the relationship she has with her children’s father

If things do end up progressing between you two, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be called upon to be the second parent to her kids. If her kids’ father is still in the picture, this could mean several things. For one, it means that no matter what, she will always have a relationship with him because they have children together.

And if she had her guard up around you before, he definitely will. Regardless of the relationship she has with her kids’ father, he may not feel comfortable with a stranger being around his children –especially another man.

Depending on how serious you and her get, this may not become your concern. But if it turns out that you two are moving to the next level, then you should make an effort to smooth things over with their dad.

Tip # 4: Again, her kids will ALWAYS be a top priority, so you better be a kid person

You would think this is pure common sense, but some men underestimate the bond a woman has with her children. If it gets to the point where you finally get to meet them, it could either make or break the relationship.

If the kids don’t like you, it will be really hard for her to continue a relationship with you. Because at the end of the day, her decision on whether to take the relationship to the next level will ultimately depend on how her children feel about you.

Kids are definitely not the easiest people to impress. It may be easier with younger ones, but once kids get to a certain age, they’ll start figuring things out. Some may not feel comfortable being around or getting close to another man who isn’t their father.

Children are smart—and can be a bit intimidating too. If you’re trying to fake it until you make it, they will probably catch on. So it helps just to be genuine and be sure to have good intentions with their mom. Because if they see that you’re not good to her, you better believe they’ll feel extra protective.

But with a little patience and time, it is possible to have a thriving relationship and success dating women with kids. The journey may be difficult, but you’ll certainly have a lot of fun and get a lot of laughs along the way.

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