A good cleaning is necessary to maintain hygiene and a pleasant environment. The daily cleaning of spaces inside the house is directly associated with the comfort and quality of life of the residents. In this post, we will talk about some very practical and essential questions to preserve the hygiene of the house in day: you will discover the ideal frequency for the cleaning of the environments, some problems that this avoids and, finally, some tips for you to have a much more cleaning efficient.

The ideal frequency for cleaning

A very common question, especially among those (or those) responsible for the hygiene of the home, is what the ideal frequency for cleaning is. We will evaluate some aspects to follow in order to define the best frequency from there: According to experts, although there is no exact frequency for cleaning to take place, there are objects and rooms that deserve special attention, such as:

Carpets and rugs

As they require heavier cleaning, the common recommendation is that they are dry-cleaned every six months. However, at least once a week, the vacuum cleaner should be cleaned for more superficial cleaning. For smaller rugs that can be changed more easily, it is recommended to change them every two weeks.

Pillow covers and bedding

Pillow covers (also known as pillowcases) and bedding deserve attention. They are responsible for most of the allergic and respiratory crises that people usually manifest, due to the proliferation of domestic mites. Exactly why the exchange and washing needs to happen every three days, at least. 


The refrigerator, because it is in constant contact with food, needs frequent cleaning. It is recommended that this be done at least every month, mainly in the bottom drawers.


Still paying attention to appliances with direct contact with food, the microwave needs a light cleaning every week, which can be done with a mixture of water and white vinegar, being heated at maximum power in the microwave and, in then wipe with a sponge inside. One of the places that most requires attention in cleaning the house is the bathroom. The dirt produced there can even be used to spread dirt, viruses and infections to other residents of the house.

This includes not only the physical space, but all objects in the location. The frequency for cleaning and sanitizing the entire bathroom is weekly. Finally, it is important to give special emphasis to face and bath towels (which are usually in the bathroom too). In their case, it is essential to change and wash them at least once a week, since they are usually in environments conducive to the proliferation of bacteria. For all these kinds of cleaning, following the hometress house cleaning service is important.

Problems that house cleaning avoids

First of all, a clean house avoids the stress of residents, as it stimulates the well-being and comfort of the inhabitants. The feeling of discomfort generated in a dirty environment is fatal to anyone’s mood and mood. In addition, a sanitized environment prevents the spread of viruses, bacteria and allergies. The direct consequence of a good cleaning is perceived in health. Therefore, cleaning is an investment and not an expense.

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