One of the biggest selling points about Minecraft is the fact that players can truly create their own experiences through the best Minecraft hosting. This is especially true with the ability for players to create new Minecraft maps to share with others to download. This ability, therefore, opens the door to downloading thousands of different maps, each of which can be categorized into a number of types. When it comes to finding a Minecraft island map, the possibilities are endless.

Floating Village Minecraft Island Map

 Created in just a few short hours, modder EXO000 offers an island that has a floating village built upon it. Getting to the village requires Mr. Minecraft, the player’s character, to have a little bit of parkour skill as he jumps across floating blocks to reach the village. Once you reach your goal, however, you are treated to a nice view of the island while thousands of feet in the air.

Abandon Island Map

 Submitted anonymously, this map features a small island only occupied by a single house with a kitchen. Despite the fact that the island is small, you will still be tasked with defeating monsters that can come along and lay waste to the one-bedroom structure as well as managing the day-to-day business of eating. How you choose to survive both of these tasks is up to you.

Kuki Island Minecraft Map

 By KingZogan, this map differs considerably from the first two on this list; this is because Kuki Island is a very large map, complete with twin flat mountains, a lush, huge forest between the mountains, and sandy beaches by the ocean. The twin mountains are not just mere decoration, either; players can try to climb all the way to the peak, which rises far above the clouds of the world.

Skylia Island

 Most people think of nothing but beaches and small shacks when they hear the word “island,” but this map by Aurelien_Sama seeks to change that way of thinking. This island includes very few beaches, instead of taking a focus on forests and mountains. Many Minecraft players who have downloaded this map have remarked that the landscape is incredibly realistic, though it does mean it does not have any jumping elements in its design.

Reichi Island

 Another map designed by Aurelien_Sama, this map removes most of the mountains and puts even more forests throughout the island. This time, the true landmark is the huge mountain protruding from the ground and soaring above the sky. The best part about Reichi Island is the fact that there are three different versions of the map; players can enjoy the island in Survival, Hardcore, and Creative modes for the ultimate flexibility.

Escape Island

 Created by Yikes, this map puts players on a new island and gives them a survival challenge. Players wake up on a bed with some instructions carved into the walls, with the objective being to survive the journey out of the building. Some examples of challenges that the player must face include having to navigate a puzzle rigged with TNT and finding the exit in a glass and lava maze.

These Minecraft Island Maps are just the tip of the iceberg, with thousands of additional island maps out there for players to enjoy.

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