When it comes to keeping your girlfriend happy, it takes more than just spending all your time with her. Sometimes (or most of the times), you need to surprise her with a gift that will surely make her feel special and loved. But it’s not as easy as picking out the first thing you see from the gift shop. Giving gifts to your girlfriend needs thorough thinking and precision timing. Yep, gift-giving is a science.

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Lucky you there’s no need to press the panic button. Here are 8 simple yet brilliant gift ideas for your girlfriend:

  1. Clothes

You can never go wrong with clothes. Or maybe yes you can if you have no idea about fashion. If you wish to surprise your girl with a new wardrobe, consult a fashion magazine or ask someone what’s the latest craze in fashion. If you can’t get anyone to help you or you don’t want to be seen holding a Vogue or Elle magazine, you can always place your bet on a black dress. Get her a dress that she can wear for your anniversary date or when you’ve decided to finally introduce her to your folks. A word of advice – make sure you know her exact size. You don’t want to insult her by getting a dress that is 5 sizes bigger.

  1. Bags

Most women love bags. Not those found under the eyes but those that are nice to look at. If you are able, get her a designer bag like a Louis Vuitton Speedy or a Hermes Birkin.

  1. Gadgets

Women nowadays are just as interested in gadgets as men. Music players, mobile phones, laptops, tablets, game consoles… name it and they want it. Yes, they want it. Get your girl the latest technology and enjoy the perks of making your woman happy.

  1. Artwork

If your girl has her own place, you can give her a painting as a gift. This is perfect if you’re at the stage where you can have sleepovers. Wake up the inner interior decorator in you and look for framed art that will go well with her apartment. A gift of this kind not only brightens up her place but lets her have something in her place that’ll always remind her of you and how much you appreciate her.

  1. Concert Tickets

If your girlfriend is into music and absolutely adores a specific band, a great gift to give her is two tickets to the band’s show.

  1. The Classics

It may be a bit cheesy in today’s standards but the classic triumvirate always works. Surprise your loved one with roses, chocolates and a card. Nothing says “I love you” more than a dozen red roses. If you’re on a tight budget, three will do. As for chocolates, you might want to know what her favorite is. When it comes to greeting cards, writing something that comes from the heart will always hit the home run. A gift of this kind is timeless and requires no specific occasion. It also works even if you’re just starting out as a couple or have been together for years.

  1. A Romantic Date

Going through numbers 1 to 5 above, and you’ll notice a pattern of some sort. You need money, lots of ‘em. If you’re still young, and you have no source of income yet, the best you can do is arrange a simple yet romantic date. Yep, a date also counts as a gift especially if you treat your girlfriend during her birthday. If you have enough saved from your allowance, reserve a table in one of the better yet affordable restaurants in your area. If you saved a little more, maybe you can get a bottle of wine. That is if you are of drinking age and that you don’t need to drive home. You can also set up a table in your place or somewhere special to you. Treat your girl with a fine meal you prepared yourself. Make the date complete by setting up some relaxing music and lighting up some candles. A romantic date for a gift also works for couples who are on the early stages of their relationships.

  1. Make Something

The true measure of your love is not defined by how much you spend on her or in this case, how expensive your gift is. Write her a poem, compose a song, make a card, make a painting or draw her portrait. The important thing is what you make comes from inside. And no, putting your actual heart in a box then giving it to her does not count.

The kind of gift you give may depend on the seriousness of the relationship. Something simple yet says a lot is just right when you’re in the getting to know each other level. Impressing her with expensive gifts may impress her but may also be interpreted as buying your way into her heart. As the relationship grows stronger, you can spend a bit more with your gifts but it’s not really necessary. What is important is how hard you thought of your gift which goes with how deep your feelings for her have become.

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