When you have low back pain, you want to know what a few common, yet effective low back pain treatment options are available to you. When you sit, you hurt, when you walk, you hurt too. When you lie down…you hurt. Low back pain is annoying because nearly everything we do effects us, especially if its causing pain, but there is treatment that can help you to ease your pain and get back to moving and sitting and lying down pain free again.

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Usually, when you experience low back pain, you will find that it’s because of muscle strain or over use of your back. For instance, when you move heavy objects, your already tired back muscles can become strained and that can cause you to feel pain. Many of us don’t have the strong core muscles that we need to be able to ease the burden on our lower backs and this can cause painful effects.

Consider Easing Your Pain by Prevention

One of the most effective low back pain treatments available is exercise. But not just any exercises will do the trick for you. You need to know what types of exercises you should be doing to ease your back pain. Most low back pain will repair itself within a couple of days if you leave it alone, but you might find that you are able to quickly and easily ease your pain by doing the right types of stretches for your back pain. There are many different styles of exercises, which can help you to find the right stretches for your back pain.

When practiced several times a day, stretching as a low back pain treatment has been found to be very effective and the good news is that once you are beginning to feel better, you can begin the next step toward staying pain free for life by working to strengthen your back and core muscles so that you can work on preventing future strains and back injuries. An example of this is muscle balance therapy. Avoid doing sit ups and crunches as these can injure your back more than you thought, so you’ll want to do a type of exercises that protect your back while you’re working to strengthen your core.

Consider doing Pilates, which focus on keeping your back on the floor and guide you through techniques that can help you to avoid injury to your neck or back.

Massage and Alternative Therapies

In addition to preventative treatments for your low back pain, you will probably find that massage is beneficial in helping you to ease your pain and loosen tension in your back muscles. Consider having your partner give you a massage with soothing oils or mentholated rubs to offer deep heat that not only breaks up knots and strains right away, but keeps your muscles warm and loose for hours.

When you are looking for an effective low back pain treatment, you might be surprised to find that you don’t need to depend on prescription medications or be forced to lie flat on your back for days on end to treat your back. Do a little research when you are looking for low back treatments that will work for you and you’ll likely find that you’re pain free and happy in no time.

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