What is an IB diploma?

The IBDP or IB Diploma Program is a two-year program for students between the ages of 16 and 19 to obtain internationally recognized degrees at universities globally. The IB student must complete a course with six categories. It means that you do not have to narrow your options at 16 years old like a high school diploma, but do not underestimate the many advantages of AL levels and other alternative degrees. Consider this when picking your school and course options.

What does the IB diploma focus on?

The IB diploma places great emphasis on research, plan work, and article writing. The IB students got interviewed to find the advanced essays the most challenging and satisfying assignments in high school. Prepare for the analysis and writing you can expect in college.

Structures and subjects of IB

The subjects of the IB course gets divided into six groups: each student must choose one topic from the first group to the fifth group, one subject from the sixth group, or one subject from the other groups. At a higher level, the other three can learn at the standard level. According to the requirements of IB students, you can study more higher-level subjects.

  • Subject 1: Language and literature

They are usually conducted in the students’ mother tongue and can only focus on literature or the blend of language and literature.

  • Subject 2: Language acquisition

It is the second language of the students. It is usually a modern language, but it can also be Classical Greek or Latin.

  • Subject 3: Societies and individuals

The subjects in this group are related to the humanities, including economics and management, business, geography, world politics, history, philosophy, psychology, social and cultural anthropology, world religions, etc.

  • Subject 4: Sciences

It includes various sciences such as biology, chemistry, physics, computer science, and design engineering.

  • Subject 5: Mathematics

This group includes additional courses in mathematics and calculation.

  • Subject 6: Arts

These include music, theatre, dance, film, and visual arts. Alternatively, students can pick another topic from the previous group.

There are also three core materials to widen skills and experience. 

  • Theory of knowledge

It is crucial in the IB curriculum. It allows students to speculate on the nature of learning and how they claim to understand what they comprehend. Through this research, they will learn to understand the need for responsible behaviour in the world around themselves and others.

  • The elongated essay

It is an in-depth study of 4,000 words on the subject chosen by the students. Your essay can be an in-depth examination of one of the six selected topics, or it can be an interdisciplinary strategy combining two IB subject themes.

  • CAS or Creativity, activity and service

To complete this part, students must engage in several challenging activities linked to any of these three areas to achieve significant results.

Benefits of IB diploma

There are several advantages to studying for an IB diploma, from holistic educational methods to practical applications.

  • Universities attach great importance to IB diplomas, so students with IB diplomas get admitted to top colleges and universities. 
  • It helps to form a global perspective: students must be proficient in a foreign language, understand other cultures and legislative systems, and apply it to their practice.
  • Learning IB means exploring a wide range of topics while also gaining a comprehensive understanding of the world around them. 
  • The IB structure highlights independent and autonomous learning. 
  • IB is taught in 4,000 schools in 150 countries, making it ideal for ex-pats or parents who wish to move. 
  • The IB diploma is recognized globally, so it is very suitable for international students moving abroad.

For students interested in expanding their knowledge and understanding the world, the IB Programme in Singapore is their best choice. 

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