VPN (Virtual Private Network)is an extremely useful and staple tool to defend yourself from the peak generation of data piracy and cyber crimes. Free from all geo restrictions, users can enjoy exposure from around the world with absolutely ease. This largely widens the reach of every individual using VPN and offers them resources from all around the world. However some countries are quite efficient in tracking VPN IDs and restricting their usage right away. They issue these regulations to make sure that data from resources of their countries are safe and kept well confidential. So, what if you need to break that unwanted barrier of VPN for some basic and ethical information you need? Well you can absolutely do that mate, don’t worry.


As a VPN user, you must, at all costs and in all situations, try to avoid VPN blocks and censorships to your best interest. This makes sure that your VPN address isn’t already marked as malicious, which might end up overcomplicating the scenario. So before you dive in, it’s important that you are well aware of the VPN restrictions is some countries like China, Iran and the UAE, who moreover are well-known for tagging VPN use as illegal. These countries have not only strict regulations by law that risk severe punishments but also their system is efficient to hunt down the guilty. You must be very cautious at all costs, this review of NordVPN will help you with it.

The situation

Since the past few years, more and more countries are trying to stay cautious of malicious websites. This cautiousness is taken to largely avoid information piracy, leading to mass blocking of potentially unsafe websites. These censorships are especially frequent in high importance countries like the Europeans and Russians. These countries have tried on multiple attempts to prevent any unethical access to stolen content. Some worldwide media streaming websites, such as Hulu, US Netflix, and BBC iPlayer, are strictly prohibited within their boundaries for their policies to break VPN barriers.

Hence, now you will slowly start to learn how you as an individual or group unit can break these strict VPN barriers as well, but only for ethical use. But before that, you need to learn the number and types of existing VPN blocks as the first step to your learning.

Types of different blocks

The following VPN bans are likely to be encountered:

  • Recognition of blocked IP addresses, when identified through the usage of ports. This is an old yet trusted method and is still used by many countries efficiently to serve their purpose.
  • When advanced techniques are used to identify VPN traffic. This millennial method is way more efficient compared to ports but is still a booming method and not yet in mass popularity.

One of the principal steps to actually bypass VPN blocks efficiently, being absolutely untraceable, is to learn well enough what the types of VPN blocks are. Additionally,  you also need to learn how to detect these VPN blocks’ types and what to do accordingly to break past it efficiently.

Some Expert Tactics

There are a few expert tactics that you can use that can largely help you make your VPN absolutely untraceable.

  • Changing ports

Changing ports is a quite feasible and easy to use procedure. It is largely efficient for avoiding detection. All the best existing VPNs include these expert features of port switching and forwarding as a legible option.

  • Switching VPN servers

This process allows you to totally change your IP address, the codes and number. They may also allow you to choose some specific servers for each location you choose to go for.

  • Switching protocols

witching from one alternative protocol to another in order to effortlessly evade VPN traffic detection is another approach you can go for. It’s  an excellent way to get around port blocking easily with no extra fuss. For this same purpose of evading country barriers, several VPNs are designed to offer specially developed protocols and obfuscation techniques for users to reap fruits off. They are efficient and user friendly for best results.

Hence, the one thing for sure is that the key to avoiding VPN bans are as follows

  • To select the best VPNs

Well absolutely, the master stroke to play to avoid VPN bans is to take the very first step right. If you choose the best possible VPN right at first, it automatically cancels out any probability of fraud or future problems. These VPNs are supposed to be strong enough for you to apply the tricks on them.

  • Make informed decisions

Definitely a major thing, it is to be well informed of what you are doing. The main deal here is to stay aware of your decisions and take them in full knowledge of the situation and consequences of each action. Awareness always wins the race.

  • Operating your own VPN server

Try not to borrow but run your VPN on your own server. When you run it on your own server, you are very well aware of the whereabouts and it is ought to help you a lot.

  • Connecting it to a censored region

It is also a highly effective alternative as it protects your VPN server and tests its abilities well.

Hence, before you sign up for a VPN service, the first priority is to improve your knowledge. Your knowledge will save you a lot of failed attempts to surpass VPN bans. And the next thing is to be prepared, with all the knowledge and tools that you will need in the process. It is absolutely possible to avoid detection,  if you do the needful right. With a little rational and informed thinking and the use of highly advanced examination procedures, you can absolutely ace it! Hope this review of NordVPN helped you a lot in the process.

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