It’s a question we’re often asked, and one that has many different answers. Some people say yes; others say no. In this article, I’ll explore the pros and cons of using CBD oil on your dog. 

Should You Use CBD Oil on Your Dog? 

One of the main purposes of this article is to answer that very question. And although it might be tempting to get some CBD oil online and give it to your dog right away, there are several important reasons to think twice before doing so. View products on Cheefbotanicals to buy online today.

The main reason is that there have been few studies done on how CBD affects animals in general, much less large breeds like German Shepherds or Great Danes. The only study we know of was conducted by Dr. Matthew Naylor, who found that CBD oil did not affect behavior in German Shepherd puppies. However, we can’t rule out the possibility that small doses over time could change behavior. 

Another consideration is that the dose is critical. If you give your dog too little CBD oil, he may experience no effect at all. But if you give him too much, he could suffer from gastrointestinal upset (which is quite common when giving CBD oil to any animal). 

Finally, there’s the issue of side effects. Dogs tend to be more sensitive than cats to side effects such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and muscle spasms. This means that you should never give your dog CBD oil without consulting a veterinarian first. 

Is CBD oil safe for my dog? 

There’s no doubt that CBD oil is completely safe for humans, but that doesn’t mean it will work on your dog. We don’t really know what the “right” dose is for CBD, and since dogs’ bodies metabolize drugs differently than humans’, you must consider their weight, age, sex, and other factors when determining which product is best for them. 

If you decide to give your dog CBD oil, then do your research and make sure you find something derived from hemp (not marijuana), and that it’s made specifically for pets. Make sure it isn’t loaded with additives, preservatives, or fillers. 

What about CBD oil for dogs that have anxiety? 

This is another common question we receive. Many owners want to treat their pet with CBD because they’ve seen its effectiveness for treating anxiety and seizures. Unfortunately, however, there’s just not enough scientific evidence to support this theory. 

In fact, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association, “No controlled studies have demonstrated an anti-anxiety effect in canine patients.” It seems that CBD is being used more and more for this purpose, but you still shouldn’t assume that it works simply because it does in human beings. 

However, even though you shouldn’t expect results in your dog, there are some anecdotal reports and testimonials suggesting that it can help. So if you’re considering trying CBD in your dog, you’d better take this into account. 

How does CBD oil for dogs work? 

CBD is actually considered a cannabinoid, like THC. Cannabinoids interact with our endocannabinoid system, which regulates our moods and behaviors. In fact, some researchers believe that our body produces cannabinoids to regulate our own internal systems. 

Since our endocannabinoid system also helps regulate certain immune system processes, it makes sense that CBD would be able to modulate these functions as well. There are currently numerous theories that explain how CBD oil could alleviate pain, improve sleep quality, reduce anxiety, and control seizures. 

Although scientists haven’t yet determined exactly how CBD oil works, they do seem to agree that it interacts with specific receptors in our brains and immune system. That said, it’s still unclear whether CBD actually reaches these receptors, or whether it acts directly within the brain. 

CBD products for animals 

When it comes to CBD products for animals, it’s important to understand that there are two types of products available. One type consists of pure CBD, while the other contains both CBD and other ingredients that aren’t always listed on the label. For example, many CBD products contain vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants. 

But if you’re looking for a pure CBD product, you probably won’t find any in stores. That’s because most manufacturers claim that their CBD products are 100% natural, and therefore totally safe. Since CBD is naturally occurring in hemp plants, however, the FDA considers it a dietary supplement, meaning that it requires certification. 

This certification is called Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS) status. Although there is no regulation regarding GRAS status, the manufacturer must show that its product meets the requirements of the Pure Food & Drug Act, and that it’s generally recognized as safe by qualified experts in the field. 

Manufacturers typically provide this information in their labeling, but consumers need to be especially careful when buying CBD products online. A common practice is to list the amount of CBD in each serving, but omit information about any other ingredients. Therefore, you wouldn’t necessarily know if you were getting a product containing high levels of vitamin E, vitamin C, or other nutrients. 

The bottom line is that you need to be very careful when shopping for CBD products for your dog online. But if you’re willing to put in the effort, there are many excellent companies offering high-quality CBD oils specifically designed for pets. 

Is CBD oil legal? 

Yes! In fact, there are currently hundreds of studies confirming the safety and efficacy of CBD oil for animals. Although the DEA classifies CBD as a Schedule 1 drug, due to lack of clinical trials, it cannot legally be sold or prescribed by a doctor. 

Nevertheless, you can buy it through dispensaries or online. Most reputable CBD companies sell their products in edible form, which means they can be added to food as long as they meet the FDA’s standards. They usually come in capsule form, either as a liquid or powder. 

You can also find CBD tinctures and topical ointments that can be rubbed onto your pet’s skin. Again, these products need to be certified and labeled with their active ingredient. 

But remember, although CBD oil is widely available, it’s still illegal under federal law. Even though it’s legal in some states, you should still check with your local government to make sure you’re allowed to buy it. 

Should I feed CBD oil to my dog? 

We recommend against feeding CBD oil to your dog. While you may be thinking it’s okay because it’s natural, this is a myth. For starters, hemp is not actually a member of the cannabis family. Thus, it’s not technically part of the plant kingdom. Also, since CBD is extracted from industrial hemp, it doesn’t contain all of the naturally-occurring compounds present in cannabis, including cannabinoids and terpenes. 

That said, if you choose to feed your dog hemp seeds or oil, then you should only give it once per day. Otherwise, it may be harmful. And finally, make sure to dilute it in water or another suitable carrier. 

As may be obvious, taking CBD oil for your canine is certainly conceivable. Be that as it may, you should follow legitimate methodology, and consistently counsel your vet prior to directing any treatment.

Keep in mind, CBD is certainly not an enchanted projectile. It very well might be useful for certain circumstances, yet it’s unquestionably not a fix all. On the off chance that your pet has an ailment, we suggest looking for veterinary consideration first.

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