Confidence with Girls is one of the best things a person can have in their arsenal when Attracting Women. If you were to take the shyest person around and tell them that they could actually ATTRACT WOMEN in 3 days what would they say? “You’re crazy. Three days? But I’m so shy.” Well that is where I come in. I am going to show you how to ATTRACT WOMEN in 3 days. Not just any women but beautiful women. There is a few things that you need to do though. You need to have a clear mind the whole time. There is a simple exercise you would do for 10 minutes any chance you get.

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Confidence With Girls

Confidence with Girls Tip 1 – Sit in a quiet area where you won’t be disturbed and close your eyes. Phase out your thoughts and don’t think of anything. Any thoughts come phase them out. Have one thought in your mind…have fun no matter if you fail or succeed.

Well, this is the most basic way to help build up your confidence with girls…having fun. If they see that you are having fun, then they will want to join you. Here is the tips broken down in days. If you want to get nothing but beautiful women, you must go where they congregate. There’s the mall, gym, bookstores, anywhere.

Confidence with Girls Plan

Confidence with Girls Tip 2 – Say “hi” to random chicks. Talk to them as if they were ugly and fat. It will make you less nervous and doubtful. Don’t let their beauty frighten you. Just talk to them as you would to a person that you had no interest in, but don’t think about success or failure. In the first day you are trying to get comfortable talking to hot chicks. The more the better. I want to share a secret with you about how to ATTRACT WOMEN that works…it’s a number’s game. Just because a chick is beautiful doesn’t mean she’ll reject you.

You will be going to a place infested with hot chicks so you will have a truckload to pick from. The whole time you should have no thoughts in your head but having fun in the process. You will be doing nothing but saying “hi” and possibly small talk. Keep it brief and that’s it.

Confidence with Girls Tip 3. On day 2, you will go to the same places you went before and talk some more. It’s better to go to the same place because you may recognize a few people. Today you will (try your best to do this and don’t let your shyness get the best of you) talk to more girls with situational conversation. If she is drinking something ask her about it. Then try to find a hook to change the subject to something more interesting. The whole time you will keep eye contact and touch her any chance you get.

Do it when the moment is right. For example, a handshake, a touch on the shoulder, etc. You want to have as much appropriate contact as possible. This will get you comfortable touching hot chicks and also it makes her feel more rapport with you. What do you do to friends? You touch them. The more rapport or comfort you have the more touching will be involved so you want to let her know from day 1 (actually day 2 but you get the reference) that you are a person that touches people to let them know that you are comfortable with them.

Most guys get nervous doing this but you will be doing it all day. If you see a chick from the day before go up to her and say hi and shake her hand or some kind of greeting with a touch. Please don’t act creepy or weird when you touch them. Women will reject creepy or weird guys. Just play it cool and you’ll be alright.

Remember: Day 1. Say “hi” and small talk. Day 2. Small talk, touching at appropriate moments, and longer conversations.

Confidence with Girls Tip 4 – This should be the most challenging right now, but when you do this it will be a good transition. In day 3 you will get contact info. For example, email, social media site (MySpace, Facebook, Instant Messaging sties, etc.), and the classic phone number. You won’t ask for all of these but just one. I would suggest a social media site like Facebook (If you don’t have one, get an account…it’s free). These are more easier to get than a phone number, plus, it let’s you check out their profiles and get to know them a little bit. Another great thing it does is it allows you to connect each other to each other’s friends.

This is a great way to hang out or go on a group date. You will be going to the same places that you went the first to days because you are more familiar and they will be more easier to give their contact information than someone you just met. Even if you didn’t speak to them, there is a chance that you may have passed by each other but never got a chance to talk.

On day three you are going to be shocked…you’re a little more comfortable talking to hot chicks. Why? Because you are not thinking about rejection. You are thinking about having fun. The whole process should be fun and your mind should not think of anything else but that.

Also you may notice that some of these chicks are shy themselves and it may make it easier for you to get them to open up to you being that you are shy too. After day 3 you will feel more confident than you did the day started.

Try it…you’ll be surprised how much success you’ll have in just 3 days. Before you go out and try this out you will need some additional guidance and information that will help you accelerate the process in no time.

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