Also known as the Breastfeeding Cookies, the lactation cookies in Singapore are full of vital minerals & vitamins to help supply new mums. These lactation cookies include special ingredients that are known as galactagogues, associated with boosting milk supply.

The benefits

  • Healthy and Easy Snack to grab

Looking after your newborn baby can be a bit EXHAUSTING! Right from trying to breastfeeding, getting the baby to put to sleep, changing nappies, and then taking care of yourself at the very same time usually means that quite often you are left with no time to supply yourself with healthy snacks and diet. Having these lactation cookies on your hand can be an easy and healthy way to take care of yourself.

  • May Assist to Enhance the Supply of Milk

The lactation tea and lactation cookies are made with specific ingredients blended to increasing the supply of breast milk. If you’re worried about your milk supply, then see the lactation consultant only to identify a possible underlying problem, if at all! If you are going through troublesome times, like getting back to work, sickness in your family, or anything else, then these lactation cookies could be a nourishing & reassuring snack to get you all through.

  • Anyone Can have them!

If your kids or hubby are consuming your lactation cookies, then relax. They will not begin producing milk! These ingredients used in the lactation cooky are nourishing & healthy for everyone. Thus, it’ll only help promote lactation if you’re already lactating. With that said, a few ingredients like Fenugreek must be avoided when you’re diabetic or pregnant. Thus, it would be good for you if you go through the ingredients.

  • Jammed Full of all the Superfoods

Most of this lactation cookie, lactation shakes, and tea is designed via naturopaths or nutritional experts to be loaded with superfoods for all the new mums. 

  • They’re delicious!

If you are trying to find a snack that you can have with your afternoon or evening cup of tea, then these lactation cookies are a tasty treat. If these cookies don’t end up doing it for you, ensure that you go on to check out a brownie mix or toasted muesli! 

The Working of these Lactation Cookies

The typical ingredients used to support the milk supply include Brewers Yeast, Linseed Meal/Flax Seeds, Oats (also known as galactagogues). There’s very limited scientific research on the supply of breast milk and diet in ladies, and no one knows how exactly these ingredients go on to influence breastmilk

An interesting fact: Plenty of these pieces of information are sourced from an industry of dairy milk (strange but yes!) and the traditional practices given down from the midwives across the years.

So yeah, there you have it. To know further, you may look over the web and find other reasons for including lactation cookies. But all this while, don’t forget to use nursing covers that will be handy at the time of breastfeeding your baby.

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