Out of all of the link building tools out there, this one is my favourite. They have a free and a paid version, so it’s suitable for almost everyone. The only slight drawback is that it might be a little bit complicated for beginners.

Cannabis marketing agency has the best linking tool available to connect the users with the online site. The procedure is sometimes complicated for the individuals. There are experts and professionals available who are converting it into a simple and easy one for the business owners.

So how does Ezarticlelink work?

Like most decent link building techniques, Ezarticlelink involves spinning an article. You then submit your spun article containing your back linked keywords to a network of blogs. If you use the free version, your article gets submitted to 300 different directories. With the paid version, once your article reaches 300 submissions it continues to be submitted at a slower rate forever giving you an endless trickle of backlinks.

For every site that you promote you have to add an article website into the network. This can be any site you own, all you need to do is upload a folder to your website containing a php file and the rest is setup for you. You just need to make sure you have link from your homepage to the directory.

You’re free to alter the look and feel of the directory and also add AdSense to it to if you want. They provide an online WYSIWYG editor so it’s pretty easy to customize it.

Once you have that site setup you can submit spun articles into the network promoting any page on that site.

Also for each site that you add an article directory to, you get to add another website into the network that doesn’t require an article directory. Ideally these will be your more important money sites.

Within each spun article you submit you can choose three keyword phrases that will be hyperlinked back to the website you are promoting. Keyword phrase 1 will be used 40%, keyword 2 20% and keyword 3 20%. The remaining 20% will be your article title which will be hyperlinked back. This randomization makes your link building look natural in the eye s of google. You can also choose how many links are posted each day, further increasing the organic look to your link building.

Your articles need to be very well spun and they will have to pass some quality tests to pass the submission process. Ezarticlelink provides it’s own browser based spinner which does a pretty good job although if you’re doing a lot of spinning, The Best Spinner is unbeatable.

What makes Ezarticlelink really effective is that they actually promote the article directories that you’ve put into to the back end of your some of your sites. This has a double effect. The first is that it ensures all your links get indexed (unlike the link juicer, the free traffic system and others) the second is that the sites that you put an article directory on will automatically start to perform better in the SERPS.

I generally put the article directories on sites that aren’t performing very well. More often than not they start to perform better thanks to the unique content that is being published regularly and combined with the automatic links that the system will point at your site.

One other advantage with the paid version you also get 100 bonus back links for each article you submit. You can use these links for any URL that you want. If you have hubs, squids or EzineArticles then you can easily backlink to them with these bonus links.

To make good use of the backlinks, a good strategy that I’ve found is to go through all the data that the ranktracker plug-in gives you and actually find some of the long tailed keywords that are bringing traffic to your site and then target them with the bonus links.

Overall Ezarticlelink is my favorite way to build links. If I had to rely on only one source of backlinks, this would be it! I used the free version for quite some time before I upgraded to the paid version. The best thing about the paid version is the bonus links that you get for each article. Submit 10 articles and you’ve got 1000 backlinks ready to target any keyword phrase you like. This in itself is very powerful!

Try the free version and then when you get to grips with it, go for the paid version. If you use it properly it more than pays for itself.

Like i said before, it can be a little complicated when you begin. I started setting it up and then lost interest but came back to it when I kept hearing how effective it is. Persist with it because it’s worth it. Currently for me, this is easily the best backlinking system out there based upon on own results.

WordPress goldmine has some great videos about how to setup your directories and get the most out of it. So if you’ve already joined WordPress goldmine, just search for Ezarticlelink for videos and advice.

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