Since the advent of the internet, the music industry has been increasing. The emergence of numerous online music platforms allows artists to sharpen their creativity and improve their notoriety. Today, music streaming is on the rise. The proof is that 60% of western music consumers use a streaming music service. Sound Cloud is one of the most popular online music platforms. If you are an artist, find out in this article 5 ways to promote your music on this platform. 

Buy comments, likes, subscribers, and listeners.

Like other online music platforms, Sound Cloud assesses an artist’s notoriety based on the followers he/she draws. The more subscribers your account has, the more reliable you are. Above all, you can buy Sound cloud views at affordable prices. Your content quickly becomes visible because the platform’s algorithm will make you rank in the top 50 or even the top 10 most listened to songs. The number of followers is generally proportional to the number of likes, comments, and listening. You can also buy Sound Cloud subscribers and even comment, like, and listen. It is not a mirage but an effective solution.

Place a “Buy” link on each song published.

Besides purchasing Sound Cloud views and subscribers, one of the best ways to promote your work on this online music platform is to insert a “Buy” link in your music. Increasing the number of listeners to your songs is good, but selling them is even better. Well, the integration of the “Buy” button allows you to achieve that goal. This button will enable you to redirect your listeners to music sales platforms, such as iTunes, Beat port, Juno, or Band camp. The procedure to insert this link is straightforward. 

Add honest and accurate tags to your music.

Sound Cloud’s search engine is susceptible to tags. They allow users to find you quickly on the platform. That’s why you need to take the time to add realistic and tailored tags to each song you put online. It is a great solution to improve your visibility and make it a place in a specific genre or after a well-targeted community. You can even indicate in your tags a location or your current mood. 

Choose a good look for music.

The look of your music is an essential element for your promotion. It gives users a first impression of their musical work. When you share your music on social networks like Facebook, these are the visuals that will be highlighted. Without even hearing it, your potential listeners already imagine the content of the music you offer them. The look should therefore be flawless and seductive. It should encourage a click. To maximize the impact of your visuals, use JPG or PNG formats with minimum dimensions of 800 x 800 pixels.

Share the tracks of the artists. 

On the other hand, you need to be active to improve your popularity on Sound Cloud. One of the essential things to do is to share the songs of the artists you like. Yes, the “give and take” law works very well on the platform.

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