A great number of teams will be fighting over for a spot in the first Major Tournament of 2018.

As the Perfect World Masters continue on their group stages in China this week, another set of matches will be ongoing. The latter will see a couple dozen teams competing for one of the remaining eight slots in Galaxy Battles II.

The first Major of the season has a very massive qualifier series ahead of it, which starts today and will go on for the rest of the week. Each regional qualifier and wild card qualifier have the same if not more scale than the other Minors so far.

A total of 64 teams are expected to participate in the qualifier rounds, with ten teams participating at each of the six remaining regions, and four teams participating in the Wild Cards. One team from every regional qualifier will join the ranks of the Galaxy Battles II, while two teams will be coming from the Wild Cards.

The format of the regional qualifiers is somewhat different from the ones used in other tournaments. Each qualifier will have two tiers of competition. Eight teams will be distributed into two groups, with each group competing in a double elimination playoff ladder. The two teams emerging from these groups will qualify for the next round of the qualifier, a single elimination playoff ladder. Two directly invited teams for each region go straight to the single eliminations round. The winner of the final single elimination playoff will become that region’s representative to the Galaxy Battles II on January.

There are currently seven teams slated to appear in the main event of Galaxy Battles II, with one more direct invite yet to be revealed by the organizers. These teams are TNC Pro Team, Infamous, OG, Newbee, LGD.FY, Evil Geniuses and Team Liquid.

The teams for the Chinese Qualifiers are not yet revealed, and the Wild Card participants are not yet complete, but for the rest of the other regions, here’s a complete list of the participants( (*) denotes teams that go straight to the single eliminations round) :

NA – OpTic Gaming*, compLexity Gaming*, Immortals, Digital Chaos, Team VG.J, Team Leviathan, Blue Pikachu, Wheel Whreck While Whistling, Starboyz, CES

SA – SG-Esports*, paiN Gaming*, Luccini, Mad Kings, Midas Club Victory, Sacred, STARS, T Show, Team Unknown, SAGE Network

Europe – Team Kinguin*, Team Secret*, HellRaisers, mousesports, Mid or Feed, PENTA Sports, Team Doggie, Team Singularity, Evil Corporation, Silesian Earthshakers

CIS – Natus Vincere*, Vega Squadron*, M19, Team Empire, Team Spirit, Spartak Esports, Effect, Double Dimension, Whites, HunkysFromZavod

SEA – Fnatic*, Mineski*, WarriorsGaming.Unity, Fire Dragoon, Clutch Gamers, Execration, HappyFeet, New Beggining, Geek Fam, Signify


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