Part of the success of any type of fitness program or regimen is getting the right amount of vitamins and nutrients to ensure that the body remains in optimum condition. It is for this reason that many nutritionists highly recommend consuming a well-balanced diet which contains a combination of protein, carbohydrates, and vegetables. But there are certain fitness programs that require consuming a higher amount of a certain type of food group in order to compensate for the demands of the fitness program.

In the case of body building or weight training, that food group is protein. Foods that are rich in protein contain essential nutrients and amino acids not only help promote the growth of more muscle tissue in the body, which is essential in increasing the body’s muscle mass. These same amino acids and nutrients found in protein-rich foods help the muscle tissues that are currently present in the body to repair themselves after each exercise regimen. Needless to say, body builders are just some of the people that require having a protein-rich diet to ensure that they have just the right amount of protein in their diet to meet their body’s needs.

The question is: just how much protein does a body builder require in his or her diet? The answer is that it greatly depends on the body make up of the body builder. To get this, a little bit of math is needed. Simply multiply the body builder’s lean mass weight by 2.5. The result is the total amount of protein needed to be consumed by the body builder on a daily basis. In order to get the lean mass weight, multiply the body builder’s actual body weight by 1.082 then add 94.42 to the derived product. This is then subtracted by the waist measurement of the body builder which is first multiplied by 1.45. The final result is the lean mass weight of the individual.

While there are a number of different kinds of foods that provide high amounts of protein, it is also important to make sure that the foods consumed should be chosen carefully. This is to make sure that lean protein is consumed with very minimal amounts of fat. This is particularly important for beginners who may have quite a substantial amount of body fat in their bodies to be eliminated. Apart from the usual beef, fish, chicken and pork products, oatmeal is also a great choice for body builders. A serving of 150 grams of oatmeal which is cooked in 300ml of water and consumed with 200ml of milk provides 150 grams of protein. On top of that, oatmeal is very rich in fiber which helps lower the body’s cholesterol level by sweeping away stored fat, particularly those that have deposited themselves in the veins, arteries and capillaries.

One of the intuitive ways to keep track of your protein intake is using the right ingredients and possible combinations. Get More Info on different plant and animal items and ingredients that are rich in protein. Go through the diet-rich recipes to make protein-boosting meals to help you aid in quick bodybuilding. You can even try quirky hacks by replacing your current ingredients with protein-rich ones!

Complementing one’s diet with protein supplements is also another easy and great way to ensure that the required amount of protein is met. Protein supplements can be purchased in local health stores and even on the Internet, and is ideal for beginners who are unsure on how to go about planning their diet to get the required amount of protein they need for their body.

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