Hire something this hot summer

The summer is here again. The sun is shining and temperatures are rising. This year’s summer is promising to be a hot and perhaps scorching one. Scientists are saying that we are experiencing the backdrop of one of the strongest El Nino’s ever. Have a look at what Skynews has to say about it. So be prepared to become sweaty and slip, slop, slap.

With the summer, there will once again be plenty of opportunities to enjoy parties, festivals events and beach life again. And with all these activities come great opportunities to dress up and shine! Get your jewellery dusted, hit the stores to buy new fancy dresses. Or… how about you rent something?

This year there is a new trend in town. Only recently have we discovered the power of hiring fancy and branded dresses and jewellery. In every major city in Australia you have the opportunity to rent beautiful dresses and otherwise unaffordable jewellery. For just a small percentage of the price it would normally cost to buy an item, you can now simply hire it. Great when you need to go to a fancy ball or wedding. You no longer need to spend a fortune on something that you might just wear once. This all perfectly fits the consumer movement where people are turning towards sharing and borrowing more and more. So where do you start looking when you want to hire a product? Well, luckily there is www.hiresquare.com.au where you can request to hire anything. Simply have look at the products on the site, or fill out the form to request something. They do not actually hire out products themselves, but they will help you find local rental companies that have just the product you are looking for. And the great thing… it doesn’t cost you anything. Sweet isn’t it? We are definitely a big fan.

So what else could you do when you are enjoying summer festivities? Well, of course you can start by adding some tattoo jewellery to your already beautiful body and skin. Our temporary tattoos match great with ‘real’ wearable gems, bracelets, necklaces and rings. They are a great way to add that extra special touch when you want to go all glamourous. This years collection is better and more extensive than ever. So have a look, browse, be inspired and shine a little extra next time you go out!

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