If you want to take a trip in Minecraft world, hot air balloon mod will be the best choice for you. It is not only gives great and fascinating way to travel and enjoy your journey, but also makes great escape from boring, and more importantly it makes only a small change in your game. By having this hot air balloon mod, you are able to enjoy your Minecraft world from the air without need to use fly mod or such. It was indeed a complicated thing to get you in an air journey. But it is no longer so as this wonderful mod has come to existence.

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Hot air balloon mod – Great Mod for Your Minecraft 1.2.3

Aside from the benefits of hot air balloon mod mentioned above, there are also some other benefits that you will soon find after using this hot air balloon mod minecraft. You will have the right to fly, to enjoy your world, and to enjoy the game even more. When you are bored of your experience in the Minecraft world, just fly and get some fresh air by riding a hot air balloon. This way, you can kill your boredom and enjoy new adventure.

Hot air balloon mod – Installing Hot Air Balloon in Minecraft 1.2.3

If you can hold yourself from flying in your Minecraft world using this hot air balloon mod, get yourself ready to follow the following steps to install the mod in the game. These are very simple and easy steps, so you will have no difficulties in doing it. What to do first are downloading ModLoader and Hot Air Balloon. After that, open Minecraft.jar folder and delete the META INF folder, Place the modloader files into the .jar and so with the hot air Balloon files. Run the game and you are ready to enjoy your new experience using hot air balloon mod.

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