Perhaps you don’t want a back that’s as muscular as Lee Haney’s or Arnold Schwarzenegger’s during their heydays. But hey, a great-looking back is a great-looking back no matter how you look at it. Even Carbofix reviews mentions it and says the same.

It’s one of the finest displays of great physique; shows that you’re doing a good job of staying fit; and it’s a nice confidence booster…and we all know how attractive confidence is! If you’ve always been wondering how to give your back muscles that much-needed exercise, this quick guide will set you off to a great start.

How To Build A Great Looking Back – The Basics

Let’s set aside the weights and exercises for a minute and focus on the basics.

So where to start? Here’s where: your posture. If you want your back to look great, then stand like somebody who has one! Stand like a man should – with his back straight; shoulders thrown back a bit; and NO slouching. Good posture not only adds that V-shape to your back, it also forces you to keep your beer-belly tucked in while adding a good inch or two to your height!

That said, maintaining proper body posture when standing, walking, or sitting can be a challenge especially if you’ve been accustomed to slouching for years. If this hits home for you, using a back harness or visiting and consulting a specialist might be in order. But here’s the point: having a great-looking back starts with proper, confident posture.

“What About Intensity And Frequency?”

Performing split routines and targeting one major back muscle for a week is a highly recommended strategy. As for reps and sets, about 3 to 4 sets with 8 to 12 reps for each back workout or exercises is enough to see significant improvements within a few weeks (8 at least).

That said, there are a few reminders to keep in mind: First, you need to make sure your last rep for the exercise requires you grit your teeth and really push yourself. Otherwise, you have to increase the weight by a few pounds (try adding another 5 pounds).

As recommended in fitness and body building circles, having a spotter is ideal…it helps when there’s that voice in the background encouraging you to push harder and that you’re about to get there.

You may also want to include a few of sets with 3-5 reps using weights that are too heavy for the usual 8-rep sets. This heavy lifting with low number of rips is excellent for developing your back muscle’s power, strength, and mass. However, this is not a replacement for the 8-12 rep sets when it comes to increasing muscle size, where traditional sets excel at.

The 3Ds – Develop Discipline And Dedication

Whatever part of your body or muscle group you want to develop, the importance of developing the dedication and discipline needed to stick to your program cannot be overemphasized. You can have the best body building and fitness instructor in the world; and have access to the latest workout equipment…but if you lack the dedication and discipline to see your plans materialize, you’re no different from the average guy who day-dreams about having a great-looking back but doesn’t do anything about it!

Take the time to learn the proper and most effective way to perform a back workout. Plan your workouts and workout your plan. Don’t rush – give yourself the time you need to see results.

Get this: anyone, as long as he’s not sick, can build-up a great-looking, muscular, V-shaped back. It’s lack of knowledge, inconsistency, and laziness that’s getting in the way.

3 Exercises For A Nice Sculpted Back

  • Shoulder Shrugs

This exercise goes beyond building up your shoulders. If you’re after the classic V-shaped back, good posture, and nice upper-body, shoulder shrugs are one of the best exercises you can do!

You can use dumbbells, barbells, or even heavy one-liter bottles for this exercise. But whichever exercise equipment you use, what’s important here is to always do ALL of your reps and push your shoulders as high as you can.

  • Pull Ups

What’s nice about this exercise is you can perform this anytime, anywhere as long as there’s a nearby overhead bar that’s sturdy enough for supporting your body weight. Do as many reps as you can. Oh! And by the way, don’t forget to read about and experiment with different hand placements and grips.

  • Lat Pull-Down

The muscle group this workout targets is almost the same as with pull ups…except that here, you’re pulling your body down. That said, pull-ups and lat pull-down hit the same muscles differently, so both of them should be performed. For this exercise, keeping a wide grip while leaning back a bit is highly recommended.


Making yourself ready for your physical wellness is the first work and it is the tough stage. If you have made your mind then you will do it anyhow and if your thought is not strong then you would can never do it despite of all the facilities and things required you got.

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