I’ve made a list of some of the best tips and hints for workouts and nutrition for females. When it comes to working out the whole body, I look at five of movements. They are squats, pushes, pulls, single legs, and general abdominal. This is pretty much the order in which exercises should be done.

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Some want to know some basic tips for those who exercise but haven’t addressed nutritional needs. The most important thing is to cut out transfats and sugars.

The next thing to do is increase fruit and vegetable consumption. Get some good things to snack on between meals like almonds and pecans.

There is research around that demonstrates that nuts don’t result in weight gain, probably because they make you feel full.

The fourth step is to get ready for your meals and grocery shopping on the weekend so you have the right food around during the week. The last and perhaps most important nutrition action to take is to keep a food journal. Even if it’s just for a week.

The third thing I want to address is the concern heavy women have about getting bulky from working out.

The response to that is that there’s no need to worry. Women don’t have the same amount of muscle building hormones that men have.

Besides, those who are betting bulky during weight training are eating too much.

What’s the best way to deal with the slow-down of metabolism with age?

There are three ways to deal with the metabolism problem: staying active, eating properly, and stay strong. Women say that crunches aren’t helping reduce their abdominal fat.

The way to improve belly fat is to do intervals. The other thing to do is to cut sugar and all that eating. A lot of people want to know how to prioritize things when there’s not much time available to exercise. The answers to those questions are simple. Pair a leg exercise with pulling.

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