Weight gain has always been viewed by the world in a negative light. That is, of course, if it includes flabby tummies and jelly arms. But if you put it in the perspective of getting more muscles and becoming fitter, gaining weight is not such a bad thing after all. In fact, since the world puts too much emphasis on the perfect physical appearance, gaining weight the right way can actually lead you to that lean and mean build. So, if you are far from those well-carved biceps and washboard abs, fret no more as these three simple steps would help you gain weight plus save you the worry of whether or not you would gain fat.

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Do the Muscle Work

Muscles are like the bouncers you hired for your own club. They are responsible for making sure that the right people come in and the riffraff stays out. This so-called riffraff are those fats. Muscles and fats hate each other so much that they have to drive each other out of town. It is quite obvious though as to which side you’ll be rooting for, and that is muscle. Since muscles burn away fat for energy, building and maintaining these will keep that flab away and ensure that your body is sculpted the right way. Aside from that, they boost your metabolism, get the calories burnt, heighten your testosterone level, delay aging and rev up your manliness. So, do the muscle work now and weight gain sans the fat would surely become a reality.

Set Goals and Put Your Mind, Body and Soul into It

Before even beginning to think of picking up those dumbbells or binge eating, you have to know your goals. Many people start to do some serious working out and eat healthily but still end up just as skinny because they lack goals and the motivation that goes along with it. If it has always been your lifelong dream to become a contestant of Mr. Beach Body, then you have to set that goal and stick to it until you get there. Remember, nobody gets anywhere without a destination.

Eat the Right Stuff, the Right Way

It is quite apparent that if you want weight gain to happen, you need to eat more. Just remember that you need to eat the right kind of foods. Your meals must be protein-rich for muscle and tissue regeneration, so you can actually load up on those protein shakes. Meals should also almost always contain a variety of fruits and vegetables for those essential vitamins and minerals. Fats and carbohydrates are also necessary since they are the ones responsible for fueling you up for those hardcore work outs. Just don’t overdo it, alright? Avoid refined and processed foods since this allows weight gain with fat to happen. Eating the right way means you don’t spike your caloric intake immediately. Instead, opt to eat small, frequent meals because this allows you to increase your caloric intake not in bulk, but gradually, thus preventing fat gain. Finally, avoid alcohol and junk foods. This is perhaps the biggest cliche of all get fit and healthy tips. But indeed, there really is nothing you can get from this kind of food other than those unwanted fats and weight gain of the worst type. So, why even bother?

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