Minecraft is one of the most popular videos games in the gaming community. Gamers and players buy minecraft accounts to get ahead in the game and level up. There are many aspects in the game that impacts the game play of the players. In this article, the players will learn about the ender dragon head in minecraft and how to achieve it. Minecraft game requires the players to collect the ender dragon as it is considered to be a very novel. Some Minecraft gamers will be surprised to discover that that they can easily showcase the ender dragon’s head in their mantle.

Obtain the ender dragon head in minecraft

Some players are unaware of this feature and are unable to obtain the ender dragon’s head. Though it is popular, the ender dragon head can also sometimes be termed as an underrated item in the Minecraft. After the ender dragon is discovered, the players will be able to pick it up and display it in the mantle. Always be aware that the ender dragon’s head will not drop as soon as the dragon is finished and defeated in the battle. Obtaining the ender dragon head is much more challenging that simply taking it.

In the game, the Minecraft players shall first come across the ender dragon and they will need to slay the dragon. They will then have to thoroughly search the end city so that they can find the head. It is important to note that not each city will have the dragon’s head. The dragon head is only found in the end cities which may contain the end ships. The game will automatically generate the dragon head at the front side of the ship. Thus, it is quote hard to obtain the head quickly. The player mist use potions of the slow falling and take extreme caution at the time of fall damage.

Locate the end ship

The dragon head is that items that can be easily mined with all the tools and that even includes the fist of the player. When the dragon head is at the edge of the end island, the players shall be required to create a platform underneath the head so that they can prevent falling in the void and losing health. After the dragon head is collected successfully, the players will be able to wear it like a helmet. They can also utilize it like a decoration. Many Minecraft players prefer the second option while playing the game.

When locating the end ship to find the ender dragon head, the players will have to spot two clusters in the bedrock and have a portal in the middle of the edge on the island. Many players find it extremely difficult to get to the edge of ship as there is a gap on the portal. Players can obtain plenty of stacks such as easy-to-obtain block. This may include dirt and cobblestone that will help the players get there. There are several dips in the islands and players will require a lot of blocks. The end city would be visible from the air and by the help of Feather Falling, one will be able to get the ender dragon head.

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