Glucosamine is quite a popular ingredient in dietary supplements marketed as ” repeaters joints .” This substance is taken by ingestion is supposed to affect favorably the functioning of the locomotor system, increasing the production of synovial fluid and supporting the process of repairing minor damage. It turns out, however, that common knowledge about the properties of glucosamine is relatively petite and does not include any important information which you should know before turning it into supplementation. However, there are testosterone supplements can help you build muscle with zero glucosamines. You can try these supplements in case you are not sure about Glucosamine supplements.

Glucosamine is not a drug

Although glucosamine is often described as a measure of the properties of ” almost – medicinal “, it should be remembered that it is not the status of the drug and therefore will not cure arthritis patients … preparations containing it are classified as dietary supplements, and the definition of their role is a dietary supplement ingredient that may potentially induce a desired physiological effect. It is also worth knowing that the precise definition of the ” desired physiological effect ” poses many problems for years and is the subject of dispute and controversy.

Glucosamine is not for people with allergies

Glucosamine is generally regarded as a substance completely safe. Unfortunately, although little is said about it, there are solid grounds for doing so to believe that preparations containing it may cause sensitization. People with allergies to shellfish should exercise extreme caution. There are cases of severe allergic reactions after ingestion of glucosamine preparations. Currently, the packaging of dietary supplements containing this substance shall bear a warning of the possibility of allergic symptoms.

Is glucosamine dangerous for the pancreas?

Although this information is speculative for now, this is quite disturbing, because it turns out that regular intake of glucosamine can not be fully safe for pancreatic cancer. Suggest that the results of the preliminary study conducted by Frédéric Picard of the Université Laval, which showed that taking glucosamine in large doses ( several times higher than recommended) increases mortality of pancreatic beta cells forming islets of Langerhans ( insulin is produced there ) . Even managed to reveal the mechanisms underlying this relationship are linked to the effect of glucosamine on the activity of one sirtuin protein affecting cell viability.

Glucosamine as a placebo?

Glucosamine is often recommended for osteoarthritis. Unfortunately, it appears that supplementation is unlikely to bring positive effects. In the prestigious scientific journal British Medical Journal some time ago there was an interesting publication, the authors agreed that the effectiveness of glucosamine ( and chondroitin ) in supporting the treatment of degenerative joint disease is similar to that of placebo ( does not reduce the pain and does not affect the status of cartilage ). Researchers from the University of Bern its conclusions relied on a careful analysis of the results of ten different studies carried out in conjunction with the participation of 3800 people. It is sad but true.

EFSA critically on glucosamine

Manufacturers of dietary supplements containing glucosamine repeatedly appealed to the European Food Safety Authority for an opinion on a health claim related to the effects of glucosamine to maintain joint function. The contents of statements have suggested that this substance protects the joints and helps to maintain cartilage in good condition. EFSA, however, after careful verification of the results of research by an independent expert panel expressed a negative content of the statements indicating that there is sufficient scientific evidence proving their veracity.

Glucosamine prolongs life ?

Now the good news is at the end. Almost had just emerged results of a study on mice by Professor Michael Ristow, which showed that regular intake of glucosamine can prolong life. The author believes that the observed dependence is related to the effects of glucosamine on amino acid metabolism selected. The study has serious limitations, of course, but can be used as an optimistic tone at the end of this article.


Glucosamine has two important drawbacks: first, there is no certainty that its use contributes to the functioning camera movement; secondly, there are some doubts that it is the substance completely safe for health. Although there are data indicating that its use can favorably affect life expectancy, however, due to the fact that they originate from the results of studies in rodents, should be treated at a certain distance.

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