Styling is not as easy and simple as it may seem! Here is how can one use pomade the best way. Applying the hair product is amongst those things that feel relatively outspoken. Maybe one never truly learned how they go about it since there is not much to understand and learn. Or may seem! However, there’s a certain order to this operation and the finest way to use pomade.

How does one apply the pomade?

Pick the shine for some years; the entire world looked shine-averse. That was a razor-sharp turn from some decades before where looking polished and slick was a fine thing.

Pretty much as the beards happened to be accepted in a workplace did matte, relaxed hairstyles. However, the pendulum has now swung back so slightly in the very favour of shine, as more guys are now embracing the light-to-medium sort of slickness, considering it adds texture and definition to styles. 

  1. Dry hair using a towel

There are some exceptions; however, usually, pomade is finest applied to the towel-dried hair. The pomade is activated via water, which separates it from the dry-application products such as fibres and waxes. So, once you have showered or rinsed in the morning, you need to dry the hair almost thoroughly. 

  1. Emulsify the small quantity in the hands

There is no single solution to the question that reads how much should one apply pomade because every product will go on to have its very own rule, and every guy will go on to have a distinct amount of hair to run with. Thus, the finest advice one may offer is: if your hair is long & adequate to style using a comb in the very first place, begin with the pinky fingernail-sized quantity.

Warm the product up in the fingertips by simply rubbing both ends of fingers collectively in a counter-circular motion. 

  1. Target that root first

Here is where the role of physics comes into play: one needs to target one root first. It is the base of your hair shaft that takes control over the hairstyle since that is where one influences its very direction. 

  1. Give it that 360° application

Depending n one’s desired hairstyle and length, one may require to apply this pomade all-around one head. Thus, warm-up more products as needed and know that you apply them using your fingers’ tip.

  1. Comb it thoroughly

Now one may fully distribute each of the products throughout the hair. Mostly it will remain at the very base of a shaft. However, you will comb any surplus through every strand to control the whole style and make sure that the grip and shine stay uniform. 

  1. Lastly, blow-dry or air-dry

One needs to decide if or not one wants to lock in that style with the hairdryer. The dryer goes on to increase the durability of a hold. The dryer even gives the hair a lift, which could be handy considering one has weighed this down a tad bit with the hair product. 

Thus, if one desires a tad bit more texture, buoyancy, and volume, go on to air dry or blow-dry and keep the comb in hand to retain the very style as and when you go.

So yeah, that’s very much all you have here to learn how to apply pomade that is available in a wide range of pomades in singaporeTo know further, you may look over the web and gather more info.

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