Intoxication is the spice of life is what the naysayers have said because there is no
greater feeling than getting high on anything, which is what people have said as it
gives immense relief from stress.

People are fond of vices like alcohol and drugs because you’re in a world of your own
upon consuming them where you don’t have to worry about anything because ones
things sober down you’ll have the weight of the world on your shoulders all over

Drug addiction is a common problem among the youth brigade that is all the more
amplified because youngsters don’t see it as a problem at all but as a remedy that
keeps their mind at peace without sinking into depression.

Mitragyna Speciosa
Drugs have been largely misunderstood by almost everybody as being dangerous with
very few seeing the medicinal properties they contain where apart from the better
known Cannabidiol (CBD) products we have Kratom.

Kratom comes from a tropical evergreen tree that is taken from extracts of coffee
plants that is mostly grown in Asian countries with Southeast Asian regions having the
highest quality of them.

The countries include Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Papa New Guinea, Malaysia and
Indonesia where you can Kratom plants of different hues and varieties that many
health experts are still exploring about.

Kratom is well known by its scientific name Mitragyna Speciosa that is known so
because it has been used as a herbal medicine right from the 19 th century with varied
results based on its consumption basis.

United States has expressed its dissent about Kratom claiming it as a lethal drug due
to it not showing any potent results due to which the Food and Drug Administration
(FDA) had claimed, in an old Denver post article, that it is unsafe for consumption
especially for adolescents.

Just like CBD, it is known for treating physical and mental issues which is why it is
highly popular among the young and old where the former consume it for treating
mental issues and the latter for physical issues.

Kratom is known for treating chronic joint pain, rigid muscles along with withdrawal
symptoms of opium to name a few.

Market Availability
It is also an excellent remedy for digestion as regular users have been found to be
relieved of gastronomical issues caused due to indigestion that also leads to weight

But much more important is the fact that many people continue to place its implicit
trust in it despite facing adverse side effects like loss of appetite, hair loss, erectile
dysfunction constipation and many others.

Red Vein kratom is has strains of high quality that is readily available in the market
that include Red Kali, Red Maeng Da, Red Borneo, Red Indo, Red Bali, Red Thai, etc.
that have produced excellent results.

Then we have green and white strains as well like Green Malay, Green, Indo, Green
Thai, White Maeng Da, White Indo, White Bali, etc. out of which the green vein is
considered the best of the three strains.

Different people see Kratom with a different lens and create a different opinion about
it because there are many rural villages throughout the US where farmers continue to
grow kratom trees for eating its leaves as they feel that it is highly potential for

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