Are you familiar with some techniques on how to approach a girl you like without appearing like a total fool? It becomes easier for men who have no experience when they understand the basics of macking and how women think. These tactics I am about to share with you have their underpinnings on the psychology of women. Max Performer can help you out here with some tips.

Tips on How to Approach a Girl You Like

How to Approach a Girl You Like Tip #1: Convey Social Value

Build up attraction by doing this step first. You show off your personality and social clout first so you can build up massive amounts of attraction. Simply put, you have to display certain traits that women find attractive. One way of doing this is by making sure your friends are enjoying your company; greet bartenders and waitresses you know; approach and talk to other friends you know in the room.

How to Approach a Girl You Like Tip #2: Don’t Sound and Appear Too Interested

Women are not attracted to men who shower them with too much attention and attraction. Have you noticed why players get to go home with the hottest chick in the bar? I’m not saying that you have to a jerk. Just let her know that hey maybe you can chat but if she’s not feeling it, you have no problem with it. If you’ve displayed your social value well, she would know that even she doesn’t talk to you, it’s not your loss. There are a lot of other girls who would be more than willing to give you their attention. So in this game, you make yourself the prize.

One way of doing this step is by letting her know from the get go that you’re not going to stay long and you only wanted to tell her or ask her something. Here’s an excellent example:

“Hey, I see you guys are having fun but this is not going to take long. I saw you a few minutes ago and I think you look gorgeous. I just thought I’d drop by and say Hi”.

She will smile and thank you for the compliment, do as you said and leave after which.

How to Approach a Girl You Like Tip #3: The Neutral and Flirt Openers

Apparently, neutral openers are the complete opposite of flirt openers. Neutral openers require you to observe the girl you like and create questions, comments or compliments based on the result of your observation.

Using neutral openers generally create an impression that you appreciate her and you value what she has to say about certain topics. The objective is for you to open up a conversation focused on her interests and make her talk. Women like it when they meet a guy who doesn’t see them as someone he can have a one night stand with. If your intention is to actually sleep with her, just don’t make it too obvious. Otherwise, she’ll just ignore you just like that. You may call it rituals if you must but fact is, women warm up easily using these steps and it becomes easier for you to get to her bed or her heart, if you’re a romantic.

On the other hand, flirt openers must be used once you’re sure of your game. Flirt openers also work if you’re 100% sure that she’s into you. If you think that you can use flirt openers with ease and success, it may mean that you’re already a rock star when it comes to seduction and macking.


Its important to have a nice approach to different things and one them is a nice approach of different genders towards their opposite one. Everyone knows that each person has their own struggle. Being a women is tough and so is being a male and surviving in this world but having respect for each other parts is important.

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