Our body is a collection of various essential parts that function together to help in supporting life. These parts carry out the essential function that helps us live well and carry out our daily duties without dependence. From the air that we breathe to the food we eat, everything is interconnected and has its special feature. 

One of the most special parts of the body is the spinal cord. The crucial part about the spinal cord is that there is only one spinal cord in the entire body, and it is not easy to treat it if one suffers from severe damage in the cord. The spinal cord is a thin and long structure made of many nervous tissues. The cord is responsible for a variety of functions. The primary important function is that it is an important part of the central nervous system or the CNS. The spinal cord carries electric transmission from the brain to various parts of the body through the nerves attached to it. These nerve cells carry the electric impulses to various muscles, which ultimately carry out our day-to-day process. 

Reasons for spinal cord injury

Apart from being a crucial part of the body, it is also a very delicate one. A little carelessness or misfortune can turn a spinal cord into a lifelong element. There are cases where people suffer from damage in the spinal cord, which hampers their neural functions and their other physiological aspects of their life. There can be many reasons that can contribute to injury in the spinal cord.

  • One of the most primary reasons for the spinal cord being injured is due to a violent incident. Many people who suffer from spinal cord problems have admitted to being a part of a violent situation in which they had severe injuries on their back resulting from stabbing or punching the person very strongly in the spine area. Suffering from an accident due to a gunshot can also lead to injuries in the spine. 
  • Another most common reason for spinal injury has been severe twisting of the trunk area of the body. Sometimes people get admitted for treatment of spine problems as they had an intense yoga session or might have gone through a physical accident, leading to a sharp twist in their torso area. This is a strong reason why the spinal cord can get damaged and lead to problems.
  • Falling from a height can also be a significant reason why a person could be suffering from spinal cord injuries. Falling from a height and that too on the back of the back can have a short impact in the spine area for adding to spinal cord problems. 

There can be other subjective reasons for spinal cord problems as well. However, no matter the reason, only treatment from a specialized expert can help like the Newport Beach spine surgeon. The main advantage of back surgeries is that people are in much more comfort than before. It can be a lot of pain to do menial activities in a day, but with the aid of getting these surgeries, people can be truly free from the issue of getting troubled with their spine.

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