As shown by the most recent update snapshot to be released by Jeb, mobs will now have a way to mount each other. Additionally, mobs will randomly spawn on top of other mobs.

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You veterans probably already know, this is an extension of a previously existing feature of a spiders spawning with skeletons riding them, but on steroids. I had talk with a friend who asked me, “What is the point of things riding things riding things? I get that it’s funny and is a novelty and may serve a few niche purposes for mapmakers possibly, but is this REALLY something that NEEDED to be in vanilla minecraft?”

I can’t be certain of this, but it seems as though it’s just a neat side effect from keeping mobs in carts upon a relog. Mobs in carts are now bound together as one entity, and the status of the cart it is riding can just be switched out for another entity, or entities. Either that, or I think it came from allowing mobs to ride mobs riding mobs, etc, probably came from them fixing the playing dismounting from whatever they were riding when logging out. This new feature will allow them to later build on minecarts, mounted pigs, boats, and so forth. Also, you can ride minecart bats.

Seriously, though. It probably just came about because they made the code better and they’re just letting us know it is now possible, and calling it a feature, while it really is an optimization.

In the future, it could be used to create more composite mobs, much like the spider Jockey. For example, a monster could comprise of many different “mobs” that ride one another and interact as needed. For example, such a mob could be composed of three segments, and only the middle one can be damaged. When it dies, the other two fly off, etc.

There are quite a few less novel uses, particularly for mapmaking. For example, most people think only of mobs, but really it works for any entity. In the future we could see Splash potions riding Arrows, for example, boats riding arrows for a sort of “zipline” etc. More importantly I think the feature was not feature creep as much it was actually a refactoring to cleanup the existing code, which had a lot of special case logic for spiders, skeletons, and pigs for riding or being a rider. This makes it more generic by simply having it apply to all entities. Reducing the feature clutter in a single derived class for a feature that can be used more generically.

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