When a person begins trying to apply the Law of Attraction, there are some areas of what is currently being taught that may or may not make sense to them. There are people who can operate on faith simply after reading a few books and feeling like they have an understanding of a subject.

Others may need to “see it in action.” Then there are others who really need to understand the details behind how it works in order to begin making sense of it.

You need to understand the working of the 55×5 technique in the yoga classes. A good feeling is available to the people. Understanding the work will provide the best results in mental peace for the people. It will show a proof of the law of attraction. 

A break down of the Law of Attraction is the ability to manifest what you really want in life. Said another way, it is the ability to bring the things you want into reality. The Law of Attraction creates your desires through thoughts. It is the belief that like attracts like. Positive thoughts have the power to attract positive things, while negative thoughts can only attract negativity. Here you will read how this works.

The Law of Attraction will not work without belief. You can read everything you can get your hands on when it comes to this subject, but if you do not truly believe that the Law of Attraction works, you are going to have a hard time making it work for you. Do not mistake this for the idea that if you don’t believe, you are exempt from it. Think of the The Law of Attraction like the law of gravity, in that you don’t have to believe it exists to still be on the ground. The difference in these two laws, is that you can utilize the Law of Attraction to change your life!

When putting the Law of Attraction to work, your first belief has to be that your thoughts are actually able to create the physical counterpart. How do you gain this belief when you are new to the idea. You get a short understanding in quantum physics. If you have read any books on the Law of Attraction, you have probably seen references to the fact that the Law of Attraction works the same quantum physics, but are you aware of how quantum physics works?

To keep it simple, quantum physics is the break down of how atoms and energy works. Most people has heard of Albert Einsteins famous science equation of E=MC2. This basically means energy can be changed into matter, and visa-versa. This is simply the fact that mass and energy are the same thing. Every physical thing you see is nothing more than a form of energy vibrating at different speeds. Now consider the fact that your thoughts are waves of energy! Can you see how this all fits together to make the Law of Attraction really work?

The thoughts from your brain, no matter if they are positive or negative, are sending out energy and working towards making your thoughts a reality. This is where the simple explanation of “like attracts like” comes from. A person is not able to send out thoughts of not having enough, lack of money or depression and attract health, abundance and happiness in their lives.

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