Fluoxetine also known as Prozac for dogs is an (SSRI) antidepressant drug. The unbalanced chemicals in the brain causing depression, aggressiveness, panic and anxiousness is affected with Prozac for dogs. The very drug was discovered by Eli Lilly and Company in 1972. It can be easily taken by mouth.

Symptoms of Depression in Dogs:

It’s best to figure out whether your dog is actually depressed or just lying down out of boredom. So for that a few symptoms can help you understand your dog’s mental condition. They tend to look sad and lose interest in their favorite games and toys. Moreover they lose their appetite, feel lethargic, become self isolated and might suffer from constipation. Some other health issues might show similar symptoms so it’s best to get a check up from a vet.

Prozac Pros and Con’s:

It takes about a month for a drug like Prozac for dogs suffering from aggression and anxiety to become active. Though some pet behaviorists do recommend Prozac for dogs and it works its wonders, making them more active and alert mentally. Some dogs suffer attachment issues while others, have trouble meeting with strangers, or weather issues such as thunderstorms. This makes it quite hectic to get them trained and disciplined. This can affect the quality of you and your dog’s life.

Though it does hold some worse side affects which can trigger mood swings. It has been reported that prescribed Prozac for dogs had worsen the aggression and anxiety, causing further unbalance in the chemicals of brain. What is even more dangerous is that when you put them off of the drug it introduces another flick in their aggressiveness and mental behavior. So in turn it causes further damage to their health stability and may causes trauma.

Natural ways to treat depression and anxiety in dogs:

Antidepressants such as Prozac for dogs could be used but natural ways are more convenient. They do not have any harmful side effects and leave a very calming effect on the dog.


If your dog is struck by grief, the remedy Ignatia is quite useful. One or two drops for two to three days will make them sleepy but will help them shake the grief off. Moreover it’s best if one consult’s a holistic vet.


Essential oils, sandalwood, St-John’s wort and hydrosol of sandalwood have quite a relaxing and soothing effect on the dog. Herbs are quite a safe, cheap and reliable source to fight depression. Moreover they have many more benefits like being antifungal and antibacterial improving the health of your dog according to the article source.

Flower Essences:

Different flower essences are used to cure different symptoms and causes of depression. Below is a list which might be helpful for your dogs.


Over loneliness and loss of appetite this flower can prove to be quite a remedy.


For more extreme measures Gorse is quite favorable and can help heal better.


Weather differences, moving to new homes or locations or having issues adjusting to new situations, this flower helps heal anxiety and makes your dog feel more relaxed.

Star of Bethlehem:

If your dog has suffered from traumatic events, emotional disturbances or shock, this very flower essence can turn out to be quite helpful.


last but not the least, if there really is no genuine reason for the depression try using mustard it gives a nice calming effect.

Of Course try giving your dog some of your personal time, take him to park for running, treadmill is also good for keeping him fit, train him well and get him some toys. It’s best to treat depression through natural ways rather than using Prozac for dogs, as it will be more affordable, safe and has no side effects. It would also help him build a stronger will to fight any such feeling in the future.

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