The Electronic Cigarette, also known as the ‘smokeless cigarette’, and even called ‘alternative cigarettes’ by many, has all of the characteristics associated with smoking a real cigarette, but without the harmful side effects as there’s vape juice instead of real tobacco making these electronic cigarettes much more suitable for people trying to quit smoking.

Also known as a personal vaporizer because of its construction, the electronic smokeless cigarette is powered by a personal battery about the size of a regular cigarette and uses a vaporized solution to provide doses of nicotine through inhalation like a regular cigarette, which is being called ‘vaping’ instead of smoking.

Kicking the cigarette smoking habit just took a gigantic step toward successful cessation with the invention of these powerful electronic smoking ‘devices’.

Smoking e-cigarettes is much easier than other quit smoking techniques because it so closely resembles a regular cigarette, and unlike patches or gum, you even go through the same motions as smoking.

The way many people have kicked their smoking addictions using the e-cigarette is by starting out using full-strength nicotine, then gradually decreasing that strength until they no longer have the addiction.

If you still feel like you need to just go through the motions of smoking, however, you can even purchase cartridges that have no nicotine, only flavor, and continue ‘smoking’ (vaping) but without the nicotine.

This device provides the flavor, physical sensation, and nicotine delivery that is experienced when smoking a regular cigarette, but without the tobacco and the secondhand smoke that accompanies it. Therefore no tobacco smoke with its harmful irritants and carcinogens are inhaled. The electronic cigarette itself is designed to look like a regular tobacco-filled cigarette and closely follows that design.

All electronic cigarettes are generally made up of the same components: a rechargeable battery, a heating element, distributed electronic circuits, and a mouthpiece. The mouthpiece contains the nicotine solution and is a small disposable plastic tube. This tube, or nicotine cartridge, is replaced when the nicotine solution is depleted. The heating element vaporizes the nicotine solution to enable inhalation and is usually called an atomizer.

The rechargeable battery is lithium-ion and it powers the heating element. The other electronics that are in the unit control various operations such as an airflow sensor that will activate automatically upon sensing inhalation. All of these parts are very unobtrusive making the ability to quit smoking cigarettes with the electronic cigarette easier than most alternatives on the market available today.

Using electronic cigarettes offers many advantages over other methods of quitting smoking. Since electronic cigarettes are “smokeless” you can smoke them anywhere because they do not fall under the items that are part of the rules that govern no-smoking laws.

The electronic cigarette is also very cost-effective and will save the average smoker a considerable amount of money. The cost of smoking has increased considerably in the last few years with the price of a pack of smokes as much as eight dollars each in some parts of the country.

Another huge problem that can be attributed to the carelessness with lit tobacco cigarettes is a large number of fires, costing millions in property damage and untold cost in the loss of human life. With the smokeless cigarette, this is one of many problems you won’t have to worry about being a part of.

All of these benefits make it very attractive to quit smoking forever with the electronic cigarette as opposed to other quit smoking methods that appear to have a very high failure rate.

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