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Its review on the background checking website, Truthfinder, highlights the exemplary points that make Truthfinder a one-of-a-kind and impressive website among those available on the internet today. With the features, pros, and cons available for everyone to read, this review is unbiased in its praise and criticism in its disproval.

About Truthfinder

Truthfinder is a background checking website that allows you to access public and private records of individuals with who you want to collaborate and yet want confirmation that they are no trouble. It shows you data regarding their contact details or various kinds, as well as criminal records if they have any.

We have summarized the points in the review below.


  • Truthfinder helps users to find personal details of the individual, such as phone numbers, email addresses, qualifications, social media accounts, assets, and more.
  • It provides up-to-date and accurate data, which has earned it praise from its users. 
  • The instructions on both the webpage and the application are simple and straight to the point. 
  • Results are made available for your searches in less than 10 minutes- which is much faster than other background check websites. 
  • The app works on both iOS and Android phones. 
  • Truthfinder allows users to hide certain data if they wish. Thus, you can control what information is made public once someone decides to access your data. 
  • Customer support is exceptional. They can be contacted through mail or phone, and they are more than ready to answer your queries and grievances. 
  • Any information acquired through the Truthfinder app cannot be used as a basis for employment or disqualification. Thus, it also protects the people who are being searched about. They cannot be discriminated against due to the data you have found on them; that is an unethical practice. You will be legally liable to be sued.


  • Best background check site online. 
  • Unlimited searches allowed.
  • It can be accessed by phone.
  • Explains how and where the info retrieved can be used.
  • A self-monitoring option is available.


  • You can only view the report. Downloading it costs $2 extra.
  • Single searches aren’t available.
  • Subscription is necessary to access the service.
  • No trial period. 

Truthfinder is truly an exceptional website and application to use to find information on people. It should be used wisely and only in a desperate time of need. There are legal ramifications for using such applications; read up about them before continuing.

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