Have you ever tossed and turned in bed trying to fall asleep. You lie there thinking about a million different things: what you are going to say during the meeting with your boss, if you remembered to email those files to a co-worker or if you made that car payment this month. Falling asleep affects almost 70 percent of Americans today. The medical term for this is Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome or DSPS for short. This disorder is when your sleep schedule is delayed by two or more house of your desired bedtime. People who think they might have this medical disorder show symptoms such as: insomnia, excessive sleepiness, inability to fall asleep or wake up at the desired time, and depression.

If you have experienced these systems for more than three months you should contact your doctor. According to Karl Doghramji, MD, twenty-eight percent of people who cannot fall sleep use some type of alcohol to help them. Out of those people, they use this type of sleep aid seven nights per month. The problem with alcohol as a sleep aid, especially for someone who has delayed sleep phase disorder, is that it affects the bodies second phase of REM sleep. Meaning while users fall asleep faster (as anyone who’s ever passes out after one too many will tell you…) they tend to wake up halfway through the night and are then unable to go back to sleep.

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DSPS tends to show up in people for a few different reasons. Either they had a period of late night studying, partying until the early morning, or worked a late night shift. After a period like these or anything similar, a Stanford University study found that people had a hard time sleeping on a normal schedule, even after returning to their normal routine. While childhood cases of DSPS have been reported, most cases are primarily found in adolescence. This is because they are at a very vulnerable stage in their life for development. It is important for parents to help prevent DSPS from affecting their children.

Having good sleep hygiene habits is essential in treating DSPS. This means only sleep when you are sleepy. If you are not feeling tired, get up and do something boring until you do feel tired. One thing I personally find helpful is I will do different yoga poses. This helps my body get into a relaxed state and for my mind to slow down. Another helpful tip is not to take naps. This will ensure that you are truly tired when bed time comes. Try to get up the same time every day, even on weekends until your body is set in a routine. Develop sleep rituals and only use your bed for sleeping. So that means no more late night watching Family Guy or Alyssa Milano Wen Hair infomercials.

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