It is difficult to gauge what and who to believe these days because when you come across something entirely new to learn about, you don’t know where to begin and how.

The air is filled with rumors and theories about many things and it doesn’t help that the naysayers always add their own two cents to it to make the situation even more complicated.

Let’s take the example of bodybuilding, a topic that has been beaten to death but still brings up new layers to the argument that it becomes an intriguing topic of conversation every time it is brought up.

Nowadays you cannot talk about gym, bodybuilding and muscle muscles without steroids coming into the picture, which is today’s topic that needs to be addressed because there are numerous theories circulating about steroid culture that deserve a mention.

Legal Vs Illegal

Steroids are divided into two categories- legal and illegal. If you are gym savvy, you would know many people around you that resort to shortcuts in order to get a ripped body in the shortest possible time and that can only be done through steroids and other artificial means.

Professional wrestling is one such industry where steroid use and substance abuse abound since time immemorial with WWE being the biggest example in this regard, which has seen the highest number of steroid related deaths in the past few decades and the numbers continue to grow.

Even in sports, many athletes resort to cheating by taking dope in order to enhance their stamina because they don’t seem to have faith in their abilities or their simply too lazy to get things done through hard work.

Illegal substances also have dangerous side effect that not only has a negative impact on the athlete but also the sport itself that has given him/her a platform to prove their capabilities and leaves a black mark on the sports authorities.

A good reason why steroids are banned from sports altogether and every athlete has to undergo dope tests before being selected for a national or international tournament.

But there are legal steroids that many bodybuilders use to increase stamina during workouts. Legal steroids can help build muscle mass like D-Bal, Testo-Prime, Testo-Max, Clenbutrol, etc. to name a few.

Hard Facts

  1. Doctors can authorize anabolic steroids for prescription for people dealing with ailments like cancer, AIDS, puberty delay, etc. but one should never prescribe it themselves because the consequences would be grave because aside from health issues you can also be jailed if anyone found out.
  2.  Drug addicts are so used to consuming steroids that they not only take it for treating illness when prescribed by doctors but also as painkiller as they get immense relief but this relief comes at a price because the side effects become too much to handle.
  3. The side effects include insomnia, maniacal behavior, mood swings, migraine, restlessness, low sperm count, shrinking testicles, breast enhancement, infertility and hair loss.

All in all, pure and organic supplements are the best bet for bodybuilders that want to achieve results in a short time and with no side effects to worry about.

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