The symptoms of tinnitus are the sounds you hear in your head. But tinnitus is a symptom of other things that could be wrong with you. So although I’ll discuss the symptoms of tinnitus here, I’ll also cover the underlying conditions that can cause your tinnitus, and, what treatments there are available to you. Additionally, the online reviews of Sonus complete will tell you all about this amazing medication that can be used for the treatment of Tinnitus.

But the first thing you need to know is that there isn’t a medical cure for tinnitus. There are treatments that can reduce the symptoms of tinnitus but not get rid of it completely. Because of this many people, today are searching out non-medical and non-drug approaches to their tinnitus.

Tinnitus is a condition where a person such as yourself hears noises or sounds that don’t exist externally. If you are the only person to hear the sounds then this is called subjective tinnitus. If however, a medical practitioner can also hear the sounds using a special audio instrument, then this is termed objective tinnitus. By far the most common condition is subjective tinnitus.

The main underlying conditions that can cause your symptoms of tinnitus are things like inner ear problems, auditory nerve damage, head trauma, whiplash, Meniere’s disease, otosclerosis, blocked eustachian tube, and, the overuse of drugs like aspirin.

Your specialist will normally try one or more of the following treatments; drugs, complementary treatments, biofeedback, tinnitus maskers, and, as an absolute last resort, surgery.

Depending on how severe your tinnitus is, you may find a certain relief after treatment, but the chances are that, like many sufferers, you will find that the relief is only temporary. There is a statistic that reveals that about 93% of tinnitus victims never get relief. There are many medical research programs looking for a cure, but so far none has been found that has been clinically proven.

So where do you go from here? Well, like many folks around the world it could be a good idea for you to spend some time looking for a proven non-medical solution. In other words techniques, exercise, etc. that you can do yourself at home; a home remedy if you like. It so happens that there are several tinnitus researchers researching this approach and one has published a treatment program that is based around 11 individual proven remedies that you do at home, workplace or office.

As a result of a 2-year research program, which included live testing, he was able to identify 11 techniques each capable of stopping or drastically reducing the symptoms of tinnitus. But combined together he has been able to report a success rate of up to 80%. He now shares his treatment program with folks around the world through an internet download so that they can start on their cure right away.

If you’re suffering the torture of tinnitus then this could be your way back to a normal life free of the symptoms of tinnitus. Go to for details on how you could be on your way to a cure in minutes.

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