Minecraft is a game that is growing in popularity day by day. No video game in history has reached the length that Minecraft has reached. Nothing can excel unless it is outstanding and extraordinary. Minecraft is a game that is stupendous and has made a place in the lives of gamers. In the article, you shall come across different features of the game. 

Once you know how unique and interesting the game is, you would surely want to have an account on it. You must be wondering how to go about doing that. Do not worry; the article shall provide you with all the details about how to buy a minecraft account? Read the article carefully and follow the steps to have access to the game. Before knowing the steps, let’s know what features make the game incredible. 

Things to know about the game

Minecraft is a single-player or multi-player game that builds upon a three-dimensional world. The players can either be the creators or survivors in the game. The only difference is that the player has the entire required material available in the former, whereas, in the latter, the game is all about survival. You will be amazed to know that the cat noises in the game are of the pet of the audio creator of the game. If you are interested in knowing the amazing fun facts, you can read them for yourself. 

Chorus fruit in Minecraft

One another important part of the game is chorus fruit in Minecraft. You are surely curious about what it exactly is? Let’s know about it. The name suggests it is a food item in the game that the players can eat and grow. These fruits grow in the long chorus tress in the game. The chorus fruit is purple and has several other uses.

Uses of chorus fruit-

Besides it is just a fruit, there are other uses also. Let’s explore these before you start exploring the Minecraft world.

  • The players can store the fruit in their inventory and use it in the time of need. In addition, the fruit, when eaten, gives the player four hunger points and helps to reach saturation. 
  • It is the only fruit in Minecraft that allows teleportation. It enables the players to move anywhere within the eight blocks radius.
  • The fruit shall help your garden look decorative and beautiful. But, unfortunately, not many fruits in Minecraft possess colour.

You are surely amazed by the unique features that the game has to offer. The article has highlighted only a few of these, but there are innumerable. It implies that you need to try your hands on the game. Let’s know the steps for buying a Minecraft account. Read it closely so that you do not waste time figuring out the procedure.

Steps for buying a Minecraft account:

 Without wasting any more time, let’s directly jump on to the main part of the article.

  • The first and the most basic site is that you need to visit the Minecraft site from the search engine.
  • You will see a register option in the upper right corner. Click on it.
  • You will have to enter your email and password. You will be asked three security questions in case you forget the password.
  • You will also have to provide your name and birth date. Children below 13 years will require a parent’s guidance while having an account.
  • Once registered, you shall have a verification email. In addition, you may receive a gift coupon that you can utilize while buying.
  • Now come back to the page and log in using your account details.
  • Click on the buy now option that pops up. 
  • Finish with the payment option using card or third-party payment apps. 
  • You are all set to rock.

Go and start buying right away. 

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