With the increasing popularity of the OCM (oil cleansing method) especially amongst bloggers I wanted to try it for myself and see if it would really have an effect in terms of oil control, gentle cleansing, hydration and purifying as many claim.

The Oil Cleansing Method helps in removing excess oil and involves cleansing your face with an oil however, I didn’t use a combination of natural oils (like Simple Mom explains) but an over-the-counter cleansing oil product. Let me tell you why I started in the first place:

All the buzz around the OCM got my attention.

From my very basic research I can say that the people who talk about the OCM on the web can be split into 2 categories:

1) The non-experts who have either tried the OCM and they praise all the facts about it. (You can find a very enthuziastic post at Crunchy Betty) or have ended in disappointment (a less optimistic post from Michelle, My brief, traumatic foray into the oil cleansing method)

2) The experts (dermatologists) who respond to this trend by advising people to keep a critical eye on this issue.

One of them is expert Emily Moosbrugger, MD, a UC health dermatologist explains for HealthNews:

“Oil is not something dangerous to use on your face, but if you are prone to breakouts it’s something I would avoid.” She adds that oil can clog your pores instead of cleaning them and it may aggravate skin conditions like acne.

The opinion that the oil cleansing method can work but not for oily, acne-prone skin is also presented in the video from Derm TV, Oil Cleansing Method: Good or Bad.

Although people tend to give more reason to the expert opinion, my experience as a skincare user has taught me that you can’t effectively remove oil based dirt from your face with a water based cleanser (like most of the gel or foaming cleansers). I always had a difficulty in finding a good cleanser and this made me turn towards a cleansing oil. And there is a rational explanation for this:

The anatomy of dirt

There are 2 types of dirt that accumulate on your skin: oil-based dirt (such as oxidized sebum and make-up) and water-based dirt (like dust and sweat). This is a basic chemistry lesson, what happens when you try to mix water with oil? Nothing, they don’t mix! That’s why many, including myself, believe that a regular water cleanser can’t effectively remove the oils from your skin. However, oil has the ability to dissolve other oils (including the sebum secreted by your skin).

With that being said, here are my results:

I changed my regular cleanser (Zero Oil Origins) to DHC Cleansing Oil, unlike other cleansing oils that are formulated with Mineral Oil this one contains Olive Oil. I started using it regularly and I must say I am very pleased with it.

Although experts say that it might clog pores or congest your skin I didn’t notice that at all. I have a very oily skin with mild acne, occasional breakouts, whiteheads and very tinny blackheads and using this cleanser for 4 months didn’t make my skin worse. With this product the cleansing process feels gently yet efficient and it does live you with the feeling that you have already put moisturizer on. I think it helped a lot my dehydrated skin.

My Conclusion

I really see a difference in my skin since I started to use a cleansing oil and I plan to stick to it. How about you, have you ever used a cleansing oil before?

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