The eighth Major Arcana card in tarot is named Strength. It pictures a woman in a white robe holding the lion’s jaws and closing them. Over her head there is a lemniscate, just like the one over the Magician. Around her waist we can see a chain of flowers and there is also a wreath on her head. The numerical value for this card is twelve and it is ruled by Leo.

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There are many obvious associations which come to mind when looking at the eighth tarot card: courage, control, fortitude and, of course, strenght. Strenght is a rock, which allows you to believe that you can endure. She has gallant spirit and great stamina. Her resolve is unshakable and despite setbacks, she is still able to take the heart.

In tarot cards interpretation the lion represents the „id” part of the mind (sometimes defined as „the beast” inside the man) and the woman stands for the higher parts of human, which are in charge of the impulses and desire. Strenght can control them just like the lion she tames in the picture. This also relates to influencing others, guiding them. Strenght is able to work with people and persuade them if necessary. What’s more, others don’t always feel like they’re being guided, as she can do it indirectly. That’s because her strenght is not physical and is stronly supported by patience and benevolence.

Besides control, she is also about patience and discipline. That connects Strenght to the previous card – the Chariot. Contolling emotions, being self-confident and disciplined is what they have in common. However, while the Chariot represent the external battle and using control to achieve the goal and defeat opponents, Strenght stands for rather internal challenge. It is about raising above emotions.

Neither the Chariot, nor Strenght relates to physical qualities of the body. Focusing on the second one, it needs patience to make its internal strenght work. With her determination she keeps pressuring the lion to close its jaws and eventually forces him to obey. This shows that even with a little power a lot can be done as long as you are disciplined and patient. As wise people say, dripping hollows out a stone.

Some claim that Strenght doesn’t relate to emotions at all, that it is all about determination and action. This is because she refuses to get angry, deals calmly with frustration and doesn’t let the feelings take control. On the other hand, triumph over emotions doesn’t mean that they just disappear.

One of the interpretations says that Strenght is connected with compassion. She gives others lots of space, but understands their feelings as well. She also tends to forgive imperfection and has ability to tolerate and accept different people. Strenght is about generosity and being kind. She is also associated with reconciliation.

When Strenght appears in tarot cards reading, you can be sure that you have already mastered all the important qualities she represents. Believe that you are able to contol the impulses and desire in order to make them obiedient. Sometimes you need to suppress emotions to hear your intuition and get rid of fear that stops you from moving forward.

However, remember that the physical force can lead you nowhere. It is the power of the mind, of the will that allows you to defeat „the beast” inside you. And don’t forget to be patient. Maintain composure and don’t get discouraged. Take your time, but remember not to let emotions run free.

The reversed Strenght might mean the wrong use of power, which often leads to defeat and loss of the willpower. It also symbolises concession. If you lose confidence and patience, you will also lose the ability to act. This position of the eighth tarot card represents surrender to unworthy impulses. If you listen to them, they will take contol over you and make it difficult to master your emotions again.

Strenght in reversed position also means despotism and abuse of power. It is connected with discord or even disgrace, often caused by impatience and intolerance. Therefore, remember not to lose control over your emotions. Even though it sometimes seems hard, it will protect you from consequences, which may be painful.

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