Looking forward to take care of your skin from varicose veins, selecting the correct treatment for varicose would be very helpful. In this regard, one might be wondering about what varicose really is? Well, varicose veins are enlarged swollen lines appeared mostly in dark blue or purple in color which are uncommonly twisted which disrupts a person’s appearance with a great difference.

Causes for Varicose veins formation:

There are several major and minor reasons for varicose vein development. These may include:

  • Valves that have been damaged: These can occur as a result of internal body issues. Because of these issues, the valve, which has a one-way opening, may be damaged over time, obstructing free blood flow throughout the body and causing veins to branch or expand.
  • Hereditary problems: A person can develop varicose veins mainly affected by hereditary problems.
  • Excessive body fat: Growth of excessive body fat than needed or obesity may also be considered as an important reason for varicose vein formation.
  • Hormonal effects: The hormonal imbalances that are caused mostly in women due to pregnancy, puberty and alike is also an important factor varicose vein emergence.
  • Frequent blood clots: Due to resistance of free flow of blood within the body, frequent occurrence of blood clots is an inevitable. As a result, this might contribute to the factor of varicose veins formation.
  • Increased blood pressure: An increased blood pressure due to any kind of health complications or due to continuous stress, varicose veins are likely to occur throughout the body.
  • Occupations: Though this may considered as one of the major reasons, but this have a significant effect on varicose veins formation. These includes the professions which requires a lot of standing such as the work of a receptionist or security guard and alike.

Effects of varicose vein formation:

  • Changing appearance of the skin: Due to continuous blood pressure in the veins it causes an irritated and itchy skin. Moreover, it also leads to the development of brown-colored which looks inappropriate.
  • Unprecedented swelling: Since the nature of the varicose veins involves swelling of veins, a swollen skin appearance may cause due to it.
  • Causes pains: A blocked blood flow and frequent blood clots results in Thrombophlebitis which can be very much painful.
  • Formation of ulcers: Hypertension in the veins and blood leakage causes its formation which are wounds and are takes much time to heal.

Treatments of varicose veins: 

How to find the right doctor for veins is an important questions which needs to be answered. To have a better view on this, a doctor who provides their patients with the kinds of following treatments is the best to opt for.

  • Stripping: It is mainly a surgical procedure which involves a slight amount of pain with paying a low hospital bills. Generally, patients treated with this technique needs two to three weeks to recover from the wound.
  • Sclerotherapy:  This is the most prominent way of treating varicose veins which is actually a chemical procedure that requires lower amount of time and are quickly effective.
  • Laser treatment: Using technology in treatment has become a day to day operation, so having these laser therapy can be equally helpful.

So doctors facilitated with prescribing these treatments can surely answer the question of How to find the right doctor for veins.

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