Understanding female body language is important for a man who wishes to make a good impression on any woman and improves his chance at scoring a date. Men who can read the physical cues a woman sends are at an advantage in the dating game and once you master this your chances of moving on with your date are also increased drastically and after some time you might also buy the Best Male Enhancement pills to impress your dates. Just as men “occupy” their space physically to show women that they are strong and virile, therefore worthy of consideration, women engage in certain behaviors to indicate interest and attraction.

The Eyes Have It

There is a reason why women pay so much attention to their eyes. The eyes are the major player when it comes to sending signals to a potential mate. It starts with quick, repeated glances to check you out and moves on to extended eye contact. She is saying, “I’m interested in you” with her eyes and is hoping you will make the next move of coming over and saying “hi.”

If you have gathered up your courage and come over to her, then the next thing you are looking for is eye contact while speaking. Does she glance downward and back up quickly, searching for eye contact without being completely direct? She is still assessing you.

Does she stare at you full-on? She is comfortable with you and interested. Does she keep looking elsewhere instead of at you while speaking? She is probably not interested anymore.

Preening and Primping

When a woman is interested in a man, she will start fussing with her hair and adjusting her clothing. Primping and preening are indications of attraction and are designed to let you catch glimpses of her “more attractive” aspects without being overt. Playing with her hair exposes her neck, an erogenous zone, which displays a willing vulnerability. Adjusting clothing often gives you a quick peek of what’s hidden, encouraging your interest. Some of these behaviors are deliberate, others unconscious, but they are all designed to get you revved up.

Arms and Legs Send Signals

Just about everyone knows that crossed legs and arms indicate discomfort and rejection, but there are plenty of other signs as well. If she is toying with an object such as her glass or a pen, watch for the speed of the movement. Slow, languorous movements are positive, whereas fast, jerky ones indicate irritation. Self-stroking is a clue to you where she likes to be touched.

Women in general sit with crossed legs, and the direction her knee is pointing is usually an indication of who interests her. Dangling a shoe on one foot is a hint that she just may be willing to undress further, given the right incentive.

Touching Finalizes the Deal

One of the biggest minefields in the body language experience is the touch. Women will touch a man with whom they feel comfortable and expect to be touched back. It is a physical way to test compatibility without shucking clothes or engaging in a group session. The first touch is very casual and gentle. It is expected that the man will respond in kind. Too much pressure will be invasive, too intimate a gesture, perhaps even intimidating. Go slowly; she will indicate if she is interested in more touch by raising the bar with the next touch, making it more intimate or intense.

Reading female body language is challenging but well worth the effort. Once you have figured out the code, your chances of connecting with a woman increase dramatically. This courtship dance has been going on since the beginning of time, so enjoy the experience.

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