One of the best ways of advertising a product these days is to present it to the audience through an animated video. This animated video will explain the features of the product and keep the audience engaged throughout. The old times of boring presentations are gone, and animation has taken over the world in this era.

However, what you see in front of the screen that seems like a flawless and seamless animation wasn’t exactly like that, to begin with. This explanimation video goes through a long work procedure before it turns into a smoothly animated video that the viewers see. Here are the behind-the-scenes of what stages an animated video goes through before it is presented to the audience:

In the scripting stage initially, just like any form of media, one needs to prepare a script to ascertain how things are supposed to look. This is the scripting stage where the final script is prepared to describe all the scenes, characters, graphics, story, and more. It presents the idea behind the animation, all the important elements, etc.

  1. Storyboarding Stage

At the second stage, we have storyboarding, which is the process of deciding what the animated video has to deliver scene-by-scene. Every specific scene or frame is hand-drawn, just like a sketch of the characters and other elements. This could be considered a blueprint of a product that everyone has to refer to throughout the further stages.

  1. Voice-over stage

Once the basic stuff is prepared, the animation moves to the stage of adding a voice-over. While the animation will be pretty clear, it still cannot speak for itself, and this is exactly where a voice-over comes in. The animators have to get a proper voice-over done for the animated video that suits the context, is of a perfect tone and sounds pleasing to the ears. This gives the animation a meaning that the audience must understand.

  1. Animation stage

This is the most important stage, the animation stage. As the name specifies, this is exactly where the entire animation work takes place. Starting right from designing the graphics to suit the video’s context to fully animating the moving objects seamlessly, all come under this step. Give the pictures life and make them move flawlessly in a smooth way. At this stage, the core work of the video is done.

  1. Soundtracks stage

This stage comes after the video has been animated properly. You may wonder if the video has already been animated, then why is this stage needed? Finishing touches are as important as designing the entire video, which is where a perfect soundtrack comes in. The perfect way to set the right mood and get the audiences’ attention over to the animated video is to put a fitting soundtrack to your animated video, which will improve its overall impact on the viewers.

  1. Final stage

Once they are done with all the stages, then comes the final stage. At this stage, they have to ensure everything has been worked down to perfection and nothing seems like it still needs to be worked upon. They make finishing changes to the video as needed so that the video is perfect for the viewers. Once all this is done, the animators publish the video as required.

  1. The amazing explanimation videos seem to be growing larger. However, nothing in this world is easy, and the same is applicable here. After knowing all the work done for this, one can truly say that it is not an easy job!
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