Say Good bye to summer!

Sadly we are August is approaching us and summer is coming to an end. But what that means is that you will start to see fall fashion on the front cover of every magazine! Personally fall is my favorite time of the year and the fashion happens to be my favorite! I love the cozy edgy look and personally I love being able to wear more clothes! What should you be wearing? Well I’m about to get into that to get you ahead of the game!

Hair Trends…

I am seeing a lot of exciting things for men and women going on in the hair trends right now. I love the fact that I am seeing women being encouraged to style their hair again! Boho braids are simple yet in style this fall, and You guessed it tousled curls! Become adventurous and start adding some of double stand braids in your pony tales and buns for added texture. I know we did this during summer but I feel that there’s more of a finished look in our horizon instead of that I just got out of bed look. Balayage is still here to stay but I’m seeing the colors start to cool down and for brunettes I’m seeing more of a sun-kissed Carmel tone instead of such a drastic change in tone! Blended colors seem to be peeping out their heads which is nice and low maintenance for us.


Guys you are not being left out of this equation.Tight clean fades and nice sharp lines are going to look great on you this fall, and don’t be afraid to leave it longer on top! Balayage for men is also becoming a trend ( it always has been). Don’t forget about the men’s crop hair cut which is very short on the sides with the longest length on top being a number 3. I personally love that men are braking out of their shell to add some color to their lives. Guys don’t be afraid to be to trendy it sets you apart and make you more attractive to your lady!

Fashion Colors

Recently I read an article about a new Fashion color that is going to be hot this fall. I love the color but I hate the name of it so bare with me. “Murple” is The love child of magenta and purple, It is shocking like magenta and deep just like purple. Personally as a hairdresser I can see so many fun ways to use this color! This color will definitely be wore by my clients in so many creative ways! This color is very pigmented which I love because personally I was feeling a little bored with faded pastels.

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