Why is love important when it is not sufficient in maintaining a happy and healthy relationship? The rising divorce rate tells us so.

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So, why is love important then? Love is important because it is the catalyst in any romantic relationship. Love keeps a relationship going and drives most people crazy because of the intense joy and excitement it can bring.

Usually love develops in stages. First is friendship. This is the time when both of you get to know each other. Then you move on to second stage when you realize that you are developing a physical attraction for your friend. When you reach the third stage, you realize that both of you like each other a lot. Then, before you know it, both of you are already in love with each other. Does it sound similar in your own love relationship?

Why Is Love Important –

It Adds Richness To Your Life

In a love relationship, you will not only be sexually attracted but also develop romantic feelings for the other person. A feeling of loving and being loved brings intense excitement and joy. This emotion definitely adds richness to your life. It makes you happy and joyful as if you are on top of the world.

Why Is Love Important – Without It, Couples

Bound To Encounter Relationship Problems

However, these feelings or emotions can only be felt when both partners involved in the relationship are truly and deeply in love. If a partner is not truly in love and the other one is deeply in love, then they are bound to encounter relationship problems in the long run. The worst that can happen is a breakup. Have you ever experienced this before? Which one are you? Are you the one deeply in love or the one out of love?

Why Is Love Important – It Is The Catalyst

Understanding why is love important is crucial in ensuring a successful relationship. Love is the catalyst that keeps a relationship going. Hence, keeping the love alive is vital and it has to be an on-going process. Work and effort from both partners are inevitable. On top of that, it requires other ingredients as well and some of them are like good communication skills, willingness to work together, ability to compromise and many more…

Love is simply amazing in the beginning of a relationship. Most couples are motivated and willing to put in the efforts in maintaining it. The bond between the two of you will evolve in all aspects of life. Both of you are connected physically and emotionally. At this stage, you may not feel like you are two different people anymore but one. Your bond is so strong that you may have difficulty in handling your feelings of loneliness, emptiness and loss should one of you is gone.

Sadly, this amazing love feeling does not last in most relationships. Many couples are too busy minding the daily challenges of living that they forget about why is love important in maintaining a happy, fulfilling, and long-lasting relationship. Remember to place some importance in keeping your love alive in order to stay connected physically and emotionally with each other and feel the love again.

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