When I talk to people about dog food, the subject of grain-free always comes up.

As yesterday’s post suggests, not everyone I encounter is familiar with the grain-free concept. Some even think I’m frivolous or eccentric for getting top quality food for my pets.

But my dogs are far from being lonely grain-free wolf descendants. Their food of my choice is increasingly easy to find and afford.

What is grain-free?

For the past few years, the major trend in dog food has been away from filler ingredients like corn and soy, i.e. grains. The grain-free revolution emphasizes meat first, followed by fruits and vegetables.

The idea is that feeding our dogs like this is more natural, closer to what they would eat in the wild and, consequently, more healthy.

There’s more concentrated energy in grain-free diets, which means they are more efficient – you can feed your dog less food with better results (and less waste).

I want my pets to be as healthy as possible, and I believe limiting their consumption of grains can help.

Notice I said “limiting.”

My dogs do get some treats (including my homemade beer biscuits) that contain grains, but the kibble and canned foods that make up the bulk of their diet have been sans grain for as long as I can remember.

This choice means something:

Over the years, I have spent a lot of money on dog food.

Justifying the Price

I am personally just accustomed to seeing the higher price tag on a bag of grain-free dog food.

I save money where I can.

Being a blogger helps, because I occasionally get samples for my pets to test. And I have developed relationships with brands wherein I am compensated with pet food or discounts in exchange for my time spent helping promote a business.

Prior to benefiting from my blogger status, I shopped around for the best deals on grain-free pet food and joined the loyalty programs for my favorite brands, which resulted in a free bag every once in a while. Anybody can do this.

No matter what I’m paying for grain-free dog food, I think of it as an investment. Pay a little more at the cash register and, hopefully, less on health issues later on.

But I snap back to reality every time someone asks me for dog food recommendations and they flinch.

I recognize that not everyone is willing or able to pay top dollar for their own food, much less their pet’s.

But there should be healthy options for every budget.

Luckily, it’s getting easier to go grain-free, affordably.

As with any trend, a growing demand for grain-free dog food is driving market expansion.

Competition means better prices for us dog parents and just a generally easier time accessing this stuff.

Fellow crazy dog ladies: Have you noticed that you no longer have to go to specialty stores in order to find grain-free food?

The newest grain-free option I’ve discovered is available at the farm supply store just down the street from my house.


What is Diamond Naturals Grain-Free?

Diamond Naturals Grain-Free is a protein-rich, dry dog food that comes in three flavors: Beef & Sweet Potato, Chicken & Sweet Potato and Whitefish & Sweet Potato.

This line of dog food is simple – no puppy or senior formulas, just protein-based recipes for dogs of all life stages. Priced lower than competitors, Diamond created these products to help make grain-free a more affordable choice.

My dogs haven’t had a chance to try Diamond Naturals Grain-Free yet, but I’m sure they’d be happy to know the company has a manufacturing plant right here in Missouri, the state where we live.

Where do you stand on grain-free diets for dogs? Leave your answer in the comments below!

Visit the Diamond Naturals Grain-Free website to see where this brand is available in your town.

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